I Love Bags!!


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I may suspect that I have recently been on a bit of a “bag loving binge”  I have been adding to my stock of Project bags recently, and these pretty ones are some of the lovely bags I got.

These bags I ordered from Gina at Natural Yarns.  The are handmade by “alovesupreme”. I loved the use of our national flower, The Protea, on the fabric.  The fabric is sturdy and the bag is fully lined.  The smaller bags have zipper closures, and the bigger bags are drawstring.  They are ideal for your notions and smaller projects.

New Project Bags

New Project Bags


One bag that I have had my eyes on for a while now, was a cute bag with a “London” streetmap theme by Sally at Wooldiaries.  But I just never seemed to be able to meet up with her.  The perfect news came last week!  Sally’s online store Yarnbling is now open.  Of course, I could not resist placing the order for the London bag immediately.  And of course, a few extra.  The Skulls bag is so cute. And I love the bigger bag with the stars, it can take a nice large project.

New Project Bags

New Project Bags


Sally also spoiled me with a super cute gift.  She was in the area and dropped by the office to deliver my package, and I got the cutest notions baggie, with Stitchmarkers.  Just look at these little skulls.  I have never had little skulls.  The next lace project will see these dangling inbetween the thread.

New Project Bags

New Project Bags

Summer Lovin’


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It definitely feels a lot like Summer here.  The gorgeous Spring days were a few and short lived.  It is already very warm and sunny most of the time.  I can hardly believe that it is October already.  This year has gone by so very quickly.

My package to my swap buddy in beautiful Finland is ready for mailing.  I was so happy to get to swap with someone from such a far away and beautiful country.  I had a lot of fun knitting for her, and getting all kinds of local gifts and goodies ready.  I will reveal the content to as soon as the package has reach its new home.

Finland Swap Package

Finland Swap Package

Granny squares and blankets have been featured so much lately, I could no longer resist the temptation to also work on one.  I got myself the first lot of yarns, and since I love all shades of Blue, I decided on something with Blue and Gray with a bit of White.  Now I need to decide on the granny square pattern I want to use, and then I am on my way to my very own blanket.  Thank you to all the ladies for the great inspiration!

The Blues Blanket

The Blues Blanket

And I decided to knit myself something for Summer as well.  This will be a light little sweater to wear on the odd cool day.  The yarn is a silk and cotton blend.  I mus admit it does not have much “give” in the knitting, but the bigger needles does create a nice drape.  Will keep it pretty plain and simple therefore.

Summer Tweed Sweater

Summer Tweed Sweater


Summer and Cakes!


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It is actually not really quite summer here in Johannesburg, as the calendar is telling me it is only September and Spring!

But this week had been an amazingly warm (rather hot) week.  The weather had already gone into the mid 20 degrees C.  Today had been forecast for closer to the 30’s!  It feels a lot more like Summer already, rather than Spring still.  Only in the garden you can see it is still very much Spring, as just about everything has tiny green leaves and buds and shoots popping up everywhere.

Mother Nature definitely has a way to inspire one with all her energy.   I have absolutely no plans for these yet, but could not resist the urge to stash dive and make Cakes.  Yarn cakes that is.  :)  Now I have all these pretties sitting in a huge tray on my worktable, ready to grab and knit.  I guess I should grab a handful of pattern books and magazines and find a cozy spot in the shade and start looking for some pattern then!

Completed winter projects


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With the weather suddenly warming (literally overnight) to the late 20’s here in Johannesburg, I think I finished the warmer knitting just in time.

I finished knitting my grey Alpaca Wrap, and even got some cute labels and a tiny ceramic flower to add to it.

It turned out beautifully.  I may keep it around during Spring and Summer even, as we may just have a cool evening so such that I can drape it around me to snuggle up nice and cosy.

These two wrap scarves knitted up in a matter of days.  The yarn is amazingly soft and light.  If we have another chilly day or two, they will be perfect.

I also received a beautiful package all the way from Slovenia.  In the package was awesome treats and goodies, including very fine crocheted earrings.  So delicate.  I got Slovenian knitting yarn, and the finest crochet cotton I have seen in a very long time.  These I have to try, but I will be looking for a very special pattern.

The doily is already in use in my kitchen, it is perfect, and adds a gorgeous splash of summer sun and colour.


It was a time for Fairies and stitching


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After receiving this very pretty Fairy cross stitch kit in a swap, quite some time ago, I prepared the floss and was indeed looking forward to starting on them. However it did not happen as soon as I had hoped.

But thanks to the lovely Ginny at My Time Stitching, her beautiful Mermaids and her inspiration, I got totally inspired to start stitching these pretty little Fairies.

It was a rather unusual kit, as the instructions indicated that you only “highlight” some of the areas on the printed fabric with cross stitches, and the diagrams indicated some areas as a suggestion only.  The floss was only for “highlighting” as it was by far not enough to cover the whole fabric.

You are advised to use your own initiative as you go ahead and stitch areas that you want to bring out and accentuate. So that is exactly what I did.  But I got carried away when it came to the wings, thanks to Ginny and her beadwork on her Mermaids, and I added some beads to the wings as well.  Thanks Ginny.

As soon as I had completed them, I immediately got them framed in a little frame and hung them above my crafting table.

Now I am itching to stitch more.  Our summer is around the corner, and I only have one or two more winter projects to finish off, then I can start working on “summer projects” which may very well include some stitching.


Knitting is happening


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Knitting is definitely happening.

Finished a quick pair of speckled mittens for my daughter and another beanie for my son in law.


I dropped by my local Yarn Shop, and I just could not resist these.  They are nice and soft and a bit on the bulky side.

Of course, they seemed to have already found their way onto my needles.  I will probably be knitting more summery goodies soon, as the days here are already getting warmer, but for now I am quickly doing a few last warm winter goodies.

Happy crafting all.

Happy Mail


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It has been Happy Mail days around here!!

I received these gorgeous goodies from the couriers, and I am totally loving them all.

Thanks to Michelle at Hartlam Yarns  for my beautiful Alldays Sock Yarn in Howling North Wind.  I am looking forward to starting something soft and warm with these.

Hartlam Sock - Howling North Wind

Hartlam Sock – Howling North Wind

Thanks to Carle at Nurturing Fibres for my Humbug colourway.  I have always loved those old fashioned sweets, and this yarn totally reminds me of the good old days.

Nurturing Fibres - Humbug

Nurturing Fibres – Humbug

Gina at Natural Yarns is my go to person when I need Nurturing Fibres.  And of course, how could I resist getting myself some new bags while I was at it.  A new project bag with the cutest flamingoes, and a notion bag with our national flower, the Protea.  Thank you Gina, for always spoiling us with the cutest of things.

Winter Break update


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It has been my annual Winter Break and I have enjoyed the break so much.Getting away from the busy work and office is sometimes just what a person needs.

Miekie and I both enjoyed to lazy cold mornings, and spent the time having lazy, slow breakfasts before we started the day.

I got time to catch up on some reading, specially on some of my loved magazines.

The usual amount of knitting definitely took place.  My Alpaca Wrap is now already half way there.  I finished a Manos del Uruguay beanie for my son in law, and have another on the needles for him.  And my daughter is getting matching mittens to wear with her speckled wrap.

With me being home and able to work during the sunnier parts of the day, I could also work on more delicate projects.  One of these were these little fairies in cross stitch.  According to the instructions of the kit, you only stitch areas you want to highlight.  What a lot of fun they are.  Nearly done, and then I will frame them and find a special place for them.

Wilbur the Bear is now no longer a kit sitting on the table.  I cut the pattern pieces and am ready to start stitching him together.  I want to add a few things, and have gotten cute silk ribbon roses and antique looking buttons as well.  I suspect Wilbur will be a girl bear in the end and may need another name.

This wooden box had been around my home for a bit, being used on the odd occasion for this and that.  I finally decided to put it to proper use, give it a complete makeover and keep it around.  So with rather a lot of layers of paint, I was able to smooth it over, and stop it from showing up a nasty stain through each layer of paint.  Finished it off with a bit of pretty lace and a cute ceramic bunny.  Now I can keep it around for any little project or storage.  Sometimes these little wooden boxes are all you need.

While waiting for a friend the other day to arrive for a cup of coffee and a chat, I ended up browsing in a little shop.  I could not resist these cute tiles.  I think I will use the smaller ones as memo magnets and the bigger one will be just perfect for a mug cozy.

Little Ceramic Tiles

Little Ceramic Tiles

It’s Winter


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Winter has now arrived and settled in good and properly.  We have even had a few very cold and eerily foggy misty days.  I loved it.  This is definitely the most favourite time of the year for me.

These are just a little view of how it looked, the photos of the roads was in the afternoon going home, and the others were taken in the mornings when I arrived at my place of work.  And yes, we drive on the “other side” of the road for those who may have wondered.  :)


It did then also mean lots of knitting and crafting.  I finished the dark grey cowl for my daughter.  She really got cute yarn, and the speckles in this dark one is even prettier and brighter than the previous one.


Of course, new WIP’s are on the needles as well.  I started another beanie for my son in law, in lovely warm Manos del Uruguay.  It is knitting up so fast.  And I started a wrap for myself.  This is Alpaca yarn from Turkey and I am absolutely loving it.

Rare Earth Beanie

Rare Earth Beanie


When I dropped in at my LYS during last week, they had Rowan Kidsilk available at a discounted price.  How awesome. I simply could not resist getting these dark jewel colours, each with a bit of sparkle of its own.  Then I also spoiled myself with some new KnitPro Zing needles, in the smaller sizes, ideal for lace and sock knitting.  They were a bit extensive compared to others, however I just know they will be worth the price.

If you are using these needles already, let me know what you thought of them.  :)


Happy crafting all.







Got a lot done!


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Here I am!  Back Again!

I had a little medical emergency that landed me in hospital for a week. And then another week at home resting up.  But I am all well and healthy and on the way to recovery.  I have DVT (Deep vein trombosis) and could not walk, but I’m back on my feet now and making very good progress.  I had a nice window and could see a little bit of garden outside.  The weather was cold and some days were cloudy.  I was very well looked after and the treats and snacks were just superb.

Of course my little doggie had to go and visit with my daughter and son in law, and she absolutely love being with them, but I did get the impression she was much happier keeping my legs warm when I returned home again.

I got a lot done, I must admit.  I knitted my daughter’s light grey speckled cowl, and cast on a dark grey speckled cowl as well.  And I started a beanie for my son in law.

I was able to finish the little tapestry I was working on.  I am thinking I want to make a project bag maybe, and have the tapestry as part of it.  I also blocked my lacy leaf shawl and vintage look doily, and the doily is already in use.

Of course I also had lots and lots of time to read, and I absolutely loved these 2 books that I had time to work through from beginning to end.

These are beautiful, and I intend using some of the new ideas and techniques in them that I found very interesting.  One always seem to learn something new somewhere in a day.

Happy crafting to you all.