Happy Mail


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It has been Happy Mail days around here!!

I received these gorgeous goodies from the couriers, and I am totally loving them all.

Thanks to Michelle at Hartlam Yarns  for my beautiful Alldays Sock Yarn in Howling North Wind.  I am looking forward to starting something soft and warm with these.

Hartlam Sock - Howling North Wind

Hartlam Sock – Howling North Wind

Thanks to Carle at Nurturing Fibres for my Humbug colourway.  I have always loved those old fashioned sweets, and this yarn totally reminds me of the good old days.

Nurturing Fibres - Humbug

Nurturing Fibres – Humbug

Gina at Natural Yarns is my go to person when I need Nurturing Fibres.  And of course, how could I resist getting myself some new bags while I was at it.  A new project bag with the cutest flamingoes, and a notion bag with our national flower, the Protea.  Thank you Gina, for always spoiling us with the cutest of things.

Winter Break update


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It has been my annual Winter Break and I have enjoyed the break so much.Getting away from the busy work and office is sometimes just what a person needs.

Miekie and I both enjoyed to lazy cold mornings, and spent the time having lazy, slow breakfasts before we started the day.

I got time to catch up on some reading, specially on some of my loved magazines.

The usual amount of knitting definitely took place.  My Alpaca Wrap is now already half way there.  I finished a Manos del Uruguay beanie for my son in law, and have another on the needles for him.  And my daughter is getting matching mittens to wear with her speckled wrap.

With me being home and able to work during the sunnier parts of the day, I could also work on more delicate projects.  One of these were these little fairies in cross stitch.  According to the instructions of the kit, you only stitch areas you want to highlight.  What a lot of fun they are.  Nearly done, and then I will frame them and find a special place for them.

Wilbur the Bear is now no longer a kit sitting on the table.  I cut the pattern pieces and am ready to start stitching him together.  I want to add a few things, and have gotten cute silk ribbon roses and antique looking buttons as well.  I suspect Wilbur will be a girl bear in the end and may need another name.

This wooden box had been around my home for a bit, being used on the odd occasion for this and that.  I finally decided to put it to proper use, give it a complete makeover and keep it around.  So with rather a lot of layers of paint, I was able to smooth it over, and stop it from showing up a nasty stain through each layer of paint.  Finished it off with a bit of pretty lace and a cute ceramic bunny.  Now I can keep it around for any little project or storage.  Sometimes these little wooden boxes are all you need.

While waiting for a friend the other day to arrive for a cup of coffee and a chat, I ended up browsing in a little shop.  I could not resist these cute tiles.  I think I will use the smaller ones as memo magnets and the bigger one will be just perfect for a mug cozy.

Little Ceramic Tiles

Little Ceramic Tiles

It’s Winter


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Winter has now arrived and settled in good and properly.  We have even had a few very cold and eerily foggy misty days.  I loved it.  This is definitely the most favourite time of the year for me.

These are just a little view of how it looked, the photos of the roads was in the afternoon going home, and the others were taken in the mornings when I arrived at my place of work.  And yes, we drive on the “other side” of the road for those who may have wondered.  :)


It did then also mean lots of knitting and crafting.  I finished the dark grey cowl for my daughter.  She really got cute yarn, and the speckles in this dark one is even prettier and brighter than the previous one.


Of course, new WIP’s are on the needles as well.  I started another beanie for my son in law, in lovely warm Manos del Uruguay.  It is knitting up so fast.  And I started a wrap for myself.  This is Alpaca yarn from Turkey and I am absolutely loving it.

Rare Earth Beanie

Rare Earth Beanie


When I dropped in at my LYS during last week, they had Rowan Kidsilk available at a discounted price.  How awesome. I simply could not resist getting these dark jewel colours, each with a bit of sparkle of its own.  Then I also spoiled myself with some new KnitPro Zing needles, in the smaller sizes, ideal for lace and sock knitting.  They were a bit extensive compared to others, however I just know they will be worth the price.

If you are using these needles already, let me know what you thought of them.  :)


Happy crafting all.







Got a lot done!


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Here I am!  Back Again!

I had a little medical emergency that landed me in hospital for a week. And then another week at home resting up.  But I am all well and healthy and on the way to recovery.  I have DVT (Deep vein trombosis) and could not walk, but I’m back on my feet now and making very good progress.  I had a nice window and could see a little bit of garden outside.  The weather was cold and some days were cloudy.  I was very well looked after and the treats and snacks were just superb.

Of course my little doggie had to go and visit with my daughter and son in law, and she absolutely love being with them, but I did get the impression she was much happier keeping my legs warm when I returned home again.

I got a lot done, I must admit.  I knitted my daughter’s light grey speckled cowl, and cast on a dark grey speckled cowl as well.  And I started a beanie for my son in law.

I was able to finish the little tapestry I was working on.  I am thinking I want to make a project bag maybe, and have the tapestry as part of it.  I also blocked my lacy leaf shawl and vintage look doily, and the doily is already in use.

Of course I also had lots and lots of time to read, and I absolutely loved these 2 books that I had time to work through from beginning to end.

These are beautiful, and I intend using some of the new ideas and techniques in them that I found very interesting.  One always seem to learn something new somewhere in a day.

Happy crafting to you all.







Some finished items, a bit of progress and a new project


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Finally I was able to finish the Leaf border shawl I was working on, and I also finished the Vintage Doily I was working on.  I want to crochet more, this is always such a fun time and one of the crafts I absolutely love.  They both still need to be blocked, but I will wait for a lovely warm sunny weekend firstly.

My little tapestry with the Kitty on is nearly done as well.  Just a few more areas and then the white.  It gets dark earlier now, and I am really only able to work on this little one during the day when I am at home and its bright still.

And I am ready to cast on.  This is such a beautiful yarn.  Warm and chunky with a super cute colourful speckle in it.  It is a little something for my daughter, and it is going to be a super quick knit.

Heather Gray Knits


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Finally Fall is here and the days are cooler, actually pretty colder even in the mornings.

This morning was the perfect Fall morning with a thick layer of fog / mist in my neighborhood when I left for the office.  You could actually smell the damp in the air.  Simply amazing.

And a really good excuse to grab this beautiful little soft and warm shawl I got from the very talented Heather Gray.  She is just amazing.  I entered into her free giveaway and was the very lucky and successful winner of this really pretty shawl.  I could not wait to wear it and today was perfect for it.


Update on my current WIP’s


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Summer is slowly making way to Fall here, and I am slowly getting a lot more crafting done.

It is still pretty warm during the day and we still go out as much as we can to enjoy the last of Summer, but I am really looking forward to Fall and Winter.

My Leaf Shawl is making progress, despite having to frog twice.  I do not use a pattern and am making it as I go.  I added some texture to the shawl with this very soft and light blue yarn, that has a little sparkle in it as well.  I am loving the way it is turning out so far.

Leaf Shawl - Progress

Leaf Shawl – Progress


My little tapestry is getting regular attention now, and I have completed the background and even substituted the grasshopper with a ball of yarn for the cute kitty.  Kitty is up next and I have the tapestry yarns I need.

Tapestry work

Tapestry work – progress

And I am crocheting again, another vintage look doily.  These are just my absolute favourites at the moment, and when I find myself crocheting, I always look for a vintage look yarn and pattern.  This pattern is from a book I bought about 30 years ago, when I just started working and collecting books and patterns.  It is still one of my favourite pattern books to look for when wanting a pattern.

Vintage Crochet

Vintage Crochet



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I got contacted by the lovely Anuj Agarwal, the founder of Feedspot.  With absolutely wonderful news.

My humble little blog is #349 on her list of “Top Knitting Blogs

I was, and still am, totally surprised.

I thank you each and every one that reads my blog and respond to my posts, as without you, this honour would simply not have been possible.

Thank you all, for your support and all the fun and good times we have here.




Giveaway time


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It is my Fourth Year as a blogger!

I can hardly believe how the time here has gone flying by.  I have grown so much! And made so many online friends.

I have never had a giveaway here, but since I visited the Hobby X Expo last month, and got such nice goodies and yarns, I want to share these with you.

So four years means four shared gifts.

I have different types of yarns, and they are all locally from South Africa, except for the Katia Alpaca, which is important to SA.  I really want to share some of the local South African goodness, and then hear your opinion on these yarns, and how they compare to yarns from your part of the world.  These local yarns are called “One of a kind yarns”.

One of a Kind Yarns Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton in Double Knit.  

This is a super soft 100% natural yarn,a wonderful viscose/organic cotton blend super light and absorbent with both the viscose and organic cottons positive qualities its wonderful for all your knitting and crochet projects.

Organic Cotton is very light and soft and has a unique look to it,in both knitting and crochet its super for garments,decor and blankets because of the anti allergen factor.

One of a Kind Yarns Silky Bamboo Lace

Silky Bamboo in Lace Weight

This is a super soft 100%BAMBOO with a high sheen,its wonderful for all your knitting and crochet projects. Bamsi T has a lovely drape in both knitting and crochet its super for garments,decor and the ultimate for babywear and blankets because of the anti allergen factor. Bamsi T looks great on its own,but it could be used as a double strand and the results are amazing.

One of a Kind Yarns Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton 4 Ply

This is a super soft 100%Organic Cotton,its wonderful for all your knitting and crochet projects.
Organic Cotton is very light and soft and has a unique look to it,in both knitting and crochet its super for garments,decor and blankets because of the anti allergen factor.

Katia Air Alpaca

Katia Air Alpaca 

54% Superfine Alpaca
46% Polyamide

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment on the blog and tell me which one of these yarns caught your eye, and why?

This giveaway is open worldwide and will close  April 23rd.   The winner will be announced via a blog post in the week thereafter.

Have a great weekend and happy crafting!




Cut Out and Keep Feature


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The very lovely people over at Cut Out and Keep  invited me to feature on their website.  I was so thrilled.  It was such an honour.  Thank you Cut Out and Keep for giving me this absolutely fun and wonderful experience.

Cut out and keep

Please drop by their site and have a look around.  They are just great.  And you can also join them and feature your work, patterns, tutorials, etc.




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