Socks update……


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After knitting the sock according to the pattern, with a very pretty heel flap, it turned out the sock was way to big in the heel and also to long for my daughters very small thin heels.

It did not fit snug and comfy at all.  So I had to undo the heel and pick up the stitches again, as it fitted with the knitted gusset.

I modified the pattern and changed to a short row heels pattern.  :-)  It know fits better and I will be knitting an inch or so into the leg part to see how it fits.

Keeping my fingers crossed.  This is my first Pixel Stitch sock, and I am very much learning as I go along.  :-)

Some finished projects, and of course, must have socks!


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After a rather slow start, and a restart, as I found a little error on my Pimpeliese shawl, I finished it .  It is a super great pattern, and knitted very quickly once I got the hang of it.  The weather was not to warm, and I had to wait for a bit of sunnier days before I could block it and make sure it dried.  But it is done!  And turned out pretty neat.

I also finished the Travelling Cable Hat beanie I was working on.  Super pattern, specially since I really love knitting cables.

I had given this old basket of mine a make-over some time ago, but could not find the right handles I was looking for.  But being persistent, I found these handles, and they seem pretty okay on the basket.  Now I can use it again, and carry my WIP’s around in it.

And of course, what is knitting without having a pair of socks on the needles.  This is my first “big” colourwork knit, and I am enjoying it tremendously.  I am knitting the socks inside out, which is pretty funny, but it is the only way I could figure out how to ensure the floats are even and not to tight.  They are for my daughter and she has tried them on a few times now to ensure the fit is still good.

On my Needles


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I love the colder winter months here.  Winter has settled in.  So that means a little more knitting than normally as well, or at least, I think so.

My Pimpelliese Shawl is going pretty good now, and no more little mistakes, so no frogging.

Also on my needles are goodies not for me.  The one is the Travelling Cable Hat beanie for my son in law.  This is knitting up so fast and lovely.  I adore knitting cables, and this pattern is pure pleasure.  I hope to even finish it on the weekend for him.

And once you knit socks, you always seem to have a sock or a pair of socks on the needles somewhere.  This time its for my daughter.  She saw the pattern on my work table, and immediately asked for pairs in various colours.  I started on a blue pair first. The pattern is Pixel Stitch Socks from Purl Soho.

Swap package to Canada


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I could not share these with you before, as I was working on a swap package for a buddy in Canada, and since she knew I was her buddy, I needed to keep the goodies under wraps until the package winged its way across the big blue ocean all the way to Canada.

I kept the package kind of South African, in order to give her a taste of things here and what we do and love.

The washcloths and potholders are all 100% pure / raw cotton.  The washmitten is Raw Cotton, and I use it at home as well.  It is just lovely.

Canada swap package

I could not resist some beaded items, and when I came across the little beaded sheep, I just knew it was meant for her.  We all know how much we love our sheepy friends, thanks to their lovely woolies they share with us.

The yarn is our local produced African Expressions, that I love to use just as much.  And I just had to share some of my favourite chocolates with her.

New projects and WiP’s


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After a busy morning, I settled down and started to unpack some of my stash.  It is winter here, and colder, which means I “need” to be creative.  I am working on some goodies for a swap buddy, but can only show those in a little bit, once the package has safely reached its far away destination.

So I started to look at the yarns I am thinking about using, and unpacked them.  It seems I am in the mood for “Fall” or “Winter”.  The colours are definitely reminding me of  Fall and turning leaves.

I decided on the Manos Maxima (the really dark Caravan) and the Arequipa, which very much reminds me of the turning of leaves in Autumn.  I will be looking out for patterns soon, am thinking of a Beanie in the Maxima and a scarf in the Arequipa.

I am working on a very nice shawl, Pimpelliese,  that I learned about from a young knitter in Germany, via Instagram. (she is on Ravelry as well).

I started the shawl, and after a few pattern repeats noticed a small mistake.  :-)  You guessed it, I ripped it out and restarted.  It is going much better and I am remembering the pattern easier as I make progress.

New Yarn Stash


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Despite telling myself that I have more than enough yarn in my stash already, I could not resist myself when Gina at Natural Yarns had her Birthday and spoiled us with discounts!

I decided on Manos Maxima and Manos Serena.  Can one ever really have enough Manos, so very soft and lovely.

And at the same time, I simply indulged myself in some new yarns that I have not used before.  I got a stunning Rust coloured yarn from Eden Cottage Yarns – Milburn – in 4 ply.  ( I should probably have ordered more than just one, it is so lovely.)  And a cute new project bag from Eden Cottage Yarns, to keep my goodies in.

Another new yarn that I got was pure fingering Alpaca from Linda’s creations.  The colour is Topaz, and I cannot wait to knit these up into a project.  The colours are so stunning, I am already having visions of the colours in a pretty scarf or small shawl.

And I happened upon this cute little bag while visiting the Natural Yarns online store.  What a cute little Bunny.

Both project bags are now already in use.  :-)

A little interlude from my usual crafting.


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For all those out there that might have noticed that I have been working on smaller projects and were not as busy with crafting as usual, there was a really good reason.

My daughter decided to get married, and they did not want to wait for months and plan for months on end.  They have been engaged for nearly two years now, and decided to get the wedding done now.

So it came down to planning the wedding within a matter of weeks.  But we did!  I had stunning help from family and friends.

They both are very artistic, and wanted a venue that was artistic, funky and with an industrial feel.  Everything just came together wonderfully and we even got the perfect venue.  Elzabe Zietsman (the very talented singer, actress and chef) was our hostess and we hosted the wedding in her stunning place.  It even featured a baby grand piano and a really cozy fireplace.

I don’t have the “official” photos just yet, but thought I would share some with you.

And now I can get back to crafting and knitting again.  :-)  Winter is here, it turned chilly and cold and wet after the weekend.  Perfect timing.

A bit of crochet

I have been in the mood for a bit of crochet lately.  It was a good break from knitting, and I enjoyed it so much.

I had this little vintage porcelain doll that I wanted to display, but it needed new clothes, and I decided a little crochet something would be just perfect.

Also on the “make-over” trend, this old but still very useful basket needed some attention, and a frilly edge and flowers did the trick.  I bought the shiny green bead / buttons, but changed my mind once the flowers were done.  Now I just need to add some pretty handles, and it is ready to carry some of my goodies or projects again.

While I was at it, my kitchen got a cloth to absorb the water on the sink and my I Pad got a sleeve as well.

New on my needles – Abyssal Shawl



With the colder weather, I am tempted to knit more than usual, and when I “rediscovered” this pretty pure wool in my stash, I could not resist petting it a bit.

And so the need was born for a shawl.  Something cosy, soft and easy to wear.  A simple pattern that does the softness of the yarn justice.

I found Abyssal on Ravelry, and loved it immediately.

I might make the border a bit wider, since I have a bit of extra yarn.


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