A Quick Update


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Just a quick update this morning.  I have been pretty busy with smaller projects, and I am happy with my progress so far.  It is so satisfying to complete things, and even so fairly quickly.

I finished the Bridger cowl, and cast on for the Barley hat, which is going just as fast.

I did a bit more crochet, and made these cozies for my mugs.  I used little wooden buttons to open and close the loop for when I am washing the cups.

The blanket made a little bit of progress, as I completed another pattern on it.

And I even got around to visiting my LYS and was pleasantly surprised with all the new tools and goodies they had in stock.  Just in time.  I could not resist these new goodies, and got myself some crochet hooks with a light that can be switched on / off.  A stunning bamboo crochet hook, a new Tunisian crochet hook, and some really pretty metallic straights.

On my needles and Wip’s


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Winter is still months away, but I could not resist this stunning tweed yarn in Oatmeal, and have started a blanket for next winter.

Yes, can you believe it, a blanket!  I did knit a blanket many years ago, and it was that very same blanket this kick started this blog.  That blanket was a gift, and I have not done anything as big since.

The blanket I have now started, is probably not as big as the first one, as I just want a medium sized blanket that is soft and comfy and cozy to keep around for when you want to just pull something over you.

I knit it inbetween my other projects, and I have a few months to go before we have winter here in Johannesburg again.  It will probably on my needles until close to winter then.

In the meantime I am working on a quick and easy and very pretty little cowl for myself, using the most stunning Manos Del Urugay Handspun Pure Wool.  The pattern is the Bridger Cowl.  It is pretty and informal, and I can see it getting lots of use in the winter.

I also tried my hand (after years, actually centuries) at tapestry work.  I can not remember when the last time was I actually did a tapestry.  This one was a swap gift and I am now starting to work on it.  It was most pleasant and peaceful, not to much effort, and I am starting to get the hang of it again.

Of Chicago Fire and Bronchitis


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Its been pretty quiet on the homefront here lately.  I caught a nasty case of Bronchitis, and was “ordered” to stay home and rest.

So to pass the days and get the rest I needed to get this nasty bug out of my system, I spent my time with the really cool gang of Chicago Fire.  I binge-watched the series, which is awesome, and I worked on some small projects that I could put down any time when I fell asleep, and just pick up again without much effort.  I crocheted a small colourful doily, and finished a small knitted project bag, that I lined with some pure linen.

Small knitted project bag

I also had the time to finish my Autumn colours scarf, which I think turned out pretty neat.  It is a colour that I adore, and I can see myself wearing it very often during the winter months.  This colour reminds me a lot of the changing leaves during Autumn.  Just too pretty to not have around during the whole winter as well.

Beading time


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It was time to make some stitch markers, one can just never have enough.  I simply adored these autumn colours and made rather a few.

Stitch Markers

Of course, I also had to make some for the Festive season, and I simply loved the “bugs and flowers”!  So cute and colourful.

#stitchingsanta Blog Christmas Gift Swap!


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#crochet/knitting Santa Swap

This is actually supposed to be a Secret, and I hope the photos I share with you is not to big a reveal of what is being done here to prepare a Santa Package for a super swap buddy.

I joined Sewchet for a wonderful Holiday / Christmas swap!

I have been having such a good time looking for gifts and goodies for my buddy.  I have quite a few already, and have found some really amazing items (imported from India) that I am sharing with her.

As soon as the package has reached my secret buddy, I will reveal more, but for now the photos are just sneak peaks.

Swap Time!!


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Its that time again, and I have a package to send to a Buddy, all the way across the big ocean.

This was an amazing swap, as my buddy is the most interesting knitter.  I did very dark socks for her, as she likes darker colours.  This was hard to knit at night, but I did finish and had time to knit other goodies for her as well.

And I had lots of fun shopping for her, for all kinds to knitting gifts and goodies.

So its finding its way to her, and I hope it arrives soon enough, and that we loves her socks.

Summer days………


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Summer in Johannesburg is in full swing.  We hardly had much of a Spring to enjoy, days are already hot and long and sunny. Normally we would have had lots of rain by now, but this year the rain is late.

Hot summer days did mean less knitting and crafting.  I have been working on the odd project though.  I finished the embroidered front cover piece for a small cushion, and now I can start the construction of the pillow case itself.

I also finished the very dark purple socks for a swap buddy, and they are making their way across the ocean to their new home.

And I even caked some yarns for future projects.

So when I am not crafting, what am I doing?  Of course, the obvious would be yarn shopping.  I got a few very pretty local skeins, and these “Enchanted” skeins from African Expressions are really living up to their name.  Also got a 400g ball of Aran with Wool for a small blanket for the cooler Fall days.

And then, like many a South African, we love our Rugby.  I have been supporting the Springboks in the Rugby World Cup and watching games on television.  Plus I spoiled my daughter and got us tickets to the Curry Cup Final in Johannesburg, with our regional team, The Lions, playing with “home ground advantage” and winning the Cup.  This was her first live match, and attending a Final is always so much better. I loved the fireworks that went off each time a goal was scored.

ps:  I have been good, and even cast on the blanket last night.

All about Traveling Packages


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Traveling Packages and Mail Delivery Services.

Both of these make me smile, albeit for totally different reasons.

Receiving packages is always great, and I love the surprises when receiving a package with international stamps on.  The gifts and goodies are gorgeous, and so cute.  Always something new and interesting and not what I have seen before.

The other reason why I smile, is the Mail Delivery Services, which at times can be pretty slow.  Outgoing mail always seem to wing their way pretty quickly.  But the incoming mail has a will and a way of their own.

One to these was a package that “strayed”.  It was mailed to me from Massachusetts in February 2015, and arrived at my home in October 2015.   Yes, 8 Months later!!   I don’t know where this package traveled to, and where it visited before it finally got to me, but the surprise of receiving it was awesome.  In the package was sweets and chocolates, that were still in a perfect condition.  The chocolates were even already eaten, and were so good. Can not wait to try the Old Bay Seasoning.  Have been wanting this for a while, we don’t have it in SA.

My other package, coming from Alberta in Canada, took a little less time, about 3 months, which I suppose is a lot faster!

And again, what stunning lovely gifts.  Adorable Hiya Hiya goodies.  Now I also sport my own little Puppy Snips.  Are they cute or what?  And coffee / tea cozies in a typical Canadian pattern.  Wow, they are going to get amazing comments when I use them in the winter.  Even a MugRug all the way from Mexico.  I love it, and think its very special.

This is the joy of swapping with buddies from far away countries.  Even when a packages takes a bit longer, you are always surprised with the best little treasures ever.

It feels like Home

It feels like home.

That is what the skein of yarn says on its label.

The yarn I am referring to is African Expressions Soul.

It is gorgeous and soft and does make you feel comfy on the inside, just like home.

The yarn is a blend of Mohair, Mulberry Silk and Merino Wool, hand dyed in South Africa.  It is a stunning local yarn, and I loved it the moment I saw it.  It is dyed in a small selection of colours, and I adored the blue combination.

This is really a beautiful soft and delightful yarn, that I am looking forward to knitting with.


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