Hand made Bear again


Creme Brulee – that is the name given to this special little lady by her designer.

And she lived up to her name.  She turned out to be the sweetest little thing ever, and just as easy and fun to make.

I had lots of good times working on this bear, it is an easy make, and I loved the “wobble joints” that she is made with.  That means her arms and legs are wobbly, and “flop” when you pick her up, just like a soft little baby.

She has a little heart charm to show how loving she is.  And a bow and bell in her hair.

Just look at that cute little face.  Just adorable.

ChiaoGoo Needles

Natural Yarns is the place to go when you are looking for cute and exceptional knitting goodies.

Gina Ross imported these STUNNING ChiaoGoo Limited Edition Bamboo Needles. The design is called Blue Flower.  I am now the proud owner of 3 sets, in 4mm, 4.5mm and 5mm.

They are so pretty, I dont think I will be using them for project knitting though.

Its a Wrap!

Finished my daughters wrap.  Seems to be just in time as well.  The days are getting a bit cooler now.  She wanted a little something to keep at her office, and use it to keep her back and shoulders warm when the aircon in the office is a bit to cold.

She is very happy with it, and I know she already took it to the office.  :-)

Swap goodies just for me!

Just in time for Winter!

Received a stunning pair of warm hand knitted socks from a swap buddy!

And she spoiled me with a gorgeous skein of soft and silky yarn, in the perfect colour for winter.

Best of all, she really went all out, and sent me some embroidery kits and goodies. I should really get my hand going of these cross stitch goodies.  Looking forward to a few days vacation time, and cross stitch embroidery will be on top of the to do list while I enjoy the cooler Fall days.

Swap Package for my buddy

My shawl for my buddy is all done and wrapped up.  I got her some small goodies and gifts, and two pretty blue mini skeins.

It is all ready to wings it’s way across the ocean.  She wanted a little something for spring, so this package and its goodies will be right on time.

Making progress

I absolutely adore the way the Nurmilintu Shawl knits and progresses.  I have done the first lace section.  It is a really stunning, and quick, knit.

And progress on my daughters wrap is extra fast.  The weather here has turned cooler already, Fall is coming early.  She will really put this little wrap to good use soon.

Finally – Hobby X Time!!

Finally!!  Hobby X Time!!

Or at least, that is how it felt, for me at least.  I love to attend all art, craft and hobby expo’s and fairs.  The more the better.  One of the really nice and big ones I love to go to is the Hobby X Expo held in Johannesburg.  It is held in Midrand (Pretoria) as well, for which I normally take the train and a bus.  But the Johannesburg expo is close enough for me to drive to.

So I eagerly awaited this years Expo to arrive, getting ready for some serious shopping, and meeting new friends, and catching up with old friends.

And I was NOT disappointed at all.  It was amazing.  I had an awesome time.  The stalls were stocked to the roof, the variety and selections were huge, I could not get enough.  The exhibitors were super and friendly and helpful where-ever I dropped in.

These are some of the spoils I came home with…..

Loads of Magazines, both from overseas and local  (I adore Molly Makes, as you can tell)

Must have some extra yarns for my stash, and I got Malabrigo and Yarn Stash  (Malabrigo imported and Yarn Stash is a local yarn)

Beautiful Becky, a fully jointed Bear to make (from Honeydew Bears) and some pretty ribbons and wooden buttons to add to my selection

Thanks to Molly Makes, I got all these fabulous free goodies with the magazines I bought.  (little kits of pretty goodies to make, stickers, 2 booklets with patterns and ideas, a calender for 2015, and limited edition Prints, that I will either block on canvas or frame to hang in the craft room)

And I could not go home without these:

Glass paint and canvasses for my daughter and son-in-law

Book Review – Alles oor Hekel

I have a family that knows me so very well.  They know just how much I love books still, despite the modern days and times.  I am keeping up with times, and reading on my tablet, posting to my blog and Instagram, loving Pinterest, and all the modern things.

But every now and again there is a book that crosses ones path, and still amazes you.  This was exactly the case with the book “Alles oor Hekel” by Karen Adendorff.  I have been able to crochet since I can remember, being fortunate to have a very dear grandmother that patiently taught me.

I was given this beautiful book by Karen as a gift.  It is a superbly well written book and very easy to follow.  It is in Afrikaans, which makes it very special to me.  It is clear, cheerful and colourful.  What I most love is the easy instructions and perfect pattern photographs.

Even for someone that can already crochet, this book was a great gift, as it gives you that little bit of extra information on how to finish off your stitches a little more perfect, in a simply easy way.

Karen and her team did a perfect job with this book, and it will be one of my favourites for a long time.

Happy days!

It is indeed Happy Days.  My Package from Whatimuptotoday arrived!!  Yay.

I adore these pattern booklets, and am very much looking forward to making some of these pretty goodies.  I must admit, I am totally loving the Bears and the Victorian Ornaments.

To top it all, Sarah included a little kit for me, to really put me in the mood.  Just look at these pretty delicate flowers and gorgeous colours.

Thank you so very much for all the patterns, and most of all, the stunning kit.


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