More about me (turning 50!)

They say Life begins at 50!  I turned 50 on 23/2/2014, and I would be happy to say that I totally agree.


I have been able to do so much more lately.  I have started so many new things, one of them being my blog. I have so many ideas, and am finding that slowly but certainly I have the time as well to get around to them as well.

I wanted a nice quiet day for the Birthday, and my daughter and her fiancee promised me that would be exactly it.  So when they called to say we are doing “sundowners” in the afternoon on Sunday, I was happy with the arrangements.

My daughter picked me up, and we drove to Flyboys, a super nice local place, that is pleasant, informal, happy, in the open air, right next to the local airfield’s runways, where you sit and watch the small planes and helicopters come and go.

My daughter and her fiancee has organized a fantastic super birthday surprise party with them all.  I was so surprised, I even got tears in my eyes.  I was blown away.

I had the most wonderful time with them all, and the time just flew by.  The afternoon went by so very quickly. I got stunning gifts, they know me so well.

And balloons and cards and all.  My favourite cakes is Red Velvet, and I had a huge piece.  At least they did not try and put 50 candles on the cake.  🙂


If 50 is this good, I am happy to be 50!  Bring it on.


4 thoughts on “More about me (turning 50!)”

  1. Here’s to 60 and all that will go with it. I never thought getting older could be so much fun. Keep enjoying it.

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