I love blog awards!

I love writing posts for my blog, and more even, reading others’ blogs.

Thank you very much to Agujas, for your great blog, that I love to follow, and thank you for the WordPress Family Blog Award.  I do indeed feel like family.

I appreciate being given this award, and am delighted to nominate these blogs for the WordPress Family Blog Award.

  1. Funky Air Bear
  2. Girl Meets Yarn
  3. Izzywoo
  4. Junglewife
  5. Ten Thousand Dancing Stars
  6. The Sweaty Knitter
  7. Belesema Blue
  8. Curls & Q
  9. A Yarn Good Time
  10. Lottieknits

For the award, the recipients should (1) Display the award logo on their blogs, (2) Link back to the person who nominated them, (3) Nominate 10 blogs that have impacted your WordPress experience and family, (4) Tell your nominees you have awarded them.

Please Enjoy! And Happy Blogging to you all.

Wordpress Family Award


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