On December 26, 2019 the Little Black Dog passed over the rainbow bridge.


For the last year or so, Miekie and I have been spending a lot more time together than usual.  I blogged less, and maybe crafted less too.  We spent a lot of time outdoors and went out at every opportunity we got.  Miekie loved being outside, and we visited many dog parks and met many new friends.

Old age was catching up to Miekie, and she was a doggy with her fair share of issues, including seizures, that was hard on such a small body.  Specially her heart.  She had medication and it helped a lot, and made life easier.


We spent a very happy holiday together, with lots of treats and walks and cuddles and Christmas goodies.

I miss her dearly, and the house is very quiet without her.


I may be around the blog here on the odd occasion, but I am sure I will return again too.

Take care and may 2020 be a good year for us all.