Birthday week


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This week will be my birthday and I finally opened the package.  Remember this one?

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday from Amsterdam

I was so happy to open this package and discover all the wonderful goodies inside.  Two very soft and very squishy skeins from Undercover Otter, a new project bag from Stephen and Penelope in Amsterdam, just what I needed for the upcoming winter and the scarves and shawls that will be on needles again soon.  And a brand new pattern for Brioche.  How interesting, as this is the one stitch I have promised myself to learn and master this year.  I am really looking forward to getting this stitch done properly.


It is still very much Summer here


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It is still very much summer here.  Beautiful blue skies and fluffy white clouds to wake up to.



And warm lazy days.  This weekend I decided to drop in at our local Garden Centre, just to stroll around and enjoy the colours and abundance of summer.

I did not buy plants but did enjoy the roses and their fragrance tremendously.  Still so many plants around.  I did buy “plant food” for the plants at home.  🙂

I was pleasantly surprised to see a new shop at the centre.  Yay, another Yarn store.

Letesha (owner of the new store “In my Knapsack” was in the store, unpacking and moving yarn around.  I popped my head around the door, and was welcomed in immediately.

New Yarn Store

New Yarn Store

As she was busy setting up and all, I did not stay to long, but did enjoy the chat to her tremendously.  So many ideas.  And so many pretty goodies.  I got myself some Moya yarn in colour Jade and Nurturing Fibres in colour Tea Rose. I also got a little purse kit, including Vinnis Cotton in colour Summer Mix with purse handle and embellishment and all.  I could not resist the extra purse handles (look at the little duckies) and the most prettiest leather purse straps with brass clasps.

New Goodies

New Goodies

But probably my best buy was this huge wooden crochet hook, solid and light, and perfectly smooth.  Not sure of the exact size, but it is perfect for chunky yarns or T shirt yarns.

And no outing to the Garden Centre is without a visit from the local “wildlife”



This cute rooster crossed the road just as I was leaving.  None of the hens were around.  The Garden Centre has a huge vegetable and herb garden with lots of ideas on how to grow your own, and the chickens love to be able to help keep the pests and bugs under control.

Just thought I would share with you a little corner of my part of the world.  I hope you enjoyed.

Happy crafting all.





Adding to my “collection” of needles


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Following on my previous post, I want to share with you the beautiful knitting needles I ordered from Die WollLust in Berlin.  I placed the order online from Johannesburg, and my daughter were so kind to collect the needles for me when they visited Berlin. The lovely Birgit Freyer helped me online via emails and assisted me with my order.  I could send the money with my daughter to pay upon collection.

The first set is Knit Pro Melodies of Life.  It is beautifully boxed with 8 sets of needles, 6 cords, extension pieces, stoppers, and all the bits you will need, including a sweet little poach to keep all the bits in.  Also in the box is a set of stitch holders, in pretty and cheerful shiny colours, and two beautiful sets of handmade earrings.

I love this boxed set.


I also included a range of Knit Pro Royale needles.  I decided to get 12 sets, ranging from 3.0 mm to 8.0 mm and a few connector cables.  These will be so handy and will go a very long way towards expanding my current range of needles.

Since I started using these needles, I have slowly but certainly been adding to the needles I could buy here.  I still love and use straights, but enjoy working with these much more, as I feel my hands are not strained so much.

My daughter and son in law also went shopping while they were in Holland, and surprised my with this soft and squishy package.

It is an early birthday gift, but I am being good and not opening it just yet.  My birthday is only next month.  🙂  I am going to try and wait.

It is from Stephen and Penelope Fine Yarns in Amsterdam.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday from Amsterdam


World traveler. ;)


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I have never left South Africa, nor (yet) visited Europe, but I feel like a world traveler.  All thanks to my daughter and son in law, and the beautiful gifts and goodies they bring home with them each time they get to visit Europe.

This year they visited Belgium, (son in law is Belgian) and they also got to visit Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam.

These are some of the goodies they brought home.

The cutest Matryoshka dolls, a gorgeous hand painted egg, and a brooch with little dolls on.

Treats!!  My favourite biscuits for my coffee in the mornings, Spekulaas Tea, (which smells divine, and delicious chocolates.  And bags!  I love a good shopping bag, and these I can use often and over and over.  No wasteful plastics.

A super little big bag, that I can carry in my handbag.  Stitch holders.  A bear from Berlin, he is just to cute for words, and of course, I must have Miffy!  Here the little cutie is with my favourite Giraffes, how awesome is that.

I love snow globes, and these two all the way from Prague and Berlin made their way to Johannesburg to join my collection.


And no trip would be complete without an item featuring my favourite painter and artist Alphonse Mucha.  This is a puzzle, featuring “The Four Seasons”  I like to build puzzles, and this one will be on the top of my list.

There is more, and I will show and tell in the next post.



2017 is going well.


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2017 is going well.  I have finished the green sweater by finally adding the collar.  It is looking pretty now, and I am sure I will enjoy wearing it a lot in the coming cooler Fall days.  I am happy with the overall end result, and it feels good.

On my needles is this beauty.  A shawl in mohair and magic ball.  I am loving the mohair, and the colour is just perfect.  It is knitting up fast, and super soft.

Happy 2017 to all!


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Happy 2017 to you all.

It has already been a pretty busy year, with 2016 WIP’s now being completed firstly before I allow any new WIP’s to make their way onto my needles and hooks.

The first one out the door for 2017 is Wilhelmina.  She is a cute vintage looking little green bear, and I am happy that I finished her during the holidays and she gets her special place now.

Then my green Rowan Summer Tweed Sweater.  We have had a very rainy weekend, and I took great advantage of it and worked on this sweater.  The drape is lovely, but I did not get good or proper tension on the yarn at all.  I don’t think this is a yarn I would use again, definitely not for a knitted item.  I’ve done the hems and even added the buttons.  It just needs the collar and then it is done.  I can still wear it in the Fall days, when we have the odd cold day.

And then on 1 Jan 2017 I made the decision to Frog!  Yes, I actually frogged this blanket I was working on.  It has now been nearly 18 months in progress, and despite the fact that I love this pattern, it is not going anywhere, at least not fast enough.  It will still be a blanket, and I hope to restart it in a pattern that I will knit up faster, and who knows, maybe even have a blanket pretty soon.

All the best to you all for 2017.

12 Days of Christmas Swap


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The ladies in South Africa were planning a local swap, for the 12 days of Christmas.  I asked to join in and was so happy to still be in time for the swap and the buddy draw.

What fun! 12 little gifts, one to open each day before Christmas.  It is the best fun to be able to get gifts for your buddy,  as you don’t have to keep to just one or two.  You can knit and create and make a whole 12 off.

Some of the items I bought, and shopped around for, and some I got to make specially for her.  She had hinted for a teacozy for her teapot, and while I was at it, I  also made teamug warmers and coffee warmers.  The stitchmarkers was just as much fun to make, I could play around so nicely.

In return I received this stunning box of packages all the way from Melkbosstrand in SA, thanks to the very talented Pinkhairgirl.  Yes, she really has the brightest and colourful pink hair.  She excelled at stalking and surprised me each day with something that meant the world to me.  Even Miekie got in on the action, and was spoiled with doggie treats and a bandana.  Just look how cute she looked during the holidays.

I loved the soap and shell I received, it is very special, and off course, a stunning mug and tea. This mug features all my loves in one.  My favourite colour, my favourite season, and snow, and sheep.  You just can not ask for more.  It has been used a LOT this holidays.

Finland Swap


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Earlier in the year, I got the opportunity to swap with a buddy all the way in stunning Finland.  And what a super swap it was.

My package quickly made its way to Birgit in Finland.  I made socks for her, and they were the perfect fit.

Then the wait began.  By now you all know that my post here can be slow at times, and once again it seems to have been the case.  The darling Birgit was really worried, but I assured her all the time not to worry, it will arrive eventually.

And it did.  Unfortunately by the time the package arrived, Birgit had already sent a second package and they both arrived at the same time.

I was so very happy to receive these stunning gifts and goodies.  Gorgeous socks, my favourite yellow mittens, and a stunning pair of fingerless mittens, with beads and lace detail.  So pretty, I am looking forward to winter to show them all off.

I got yarn, that I have already caked, stitch markers, a Moomin tin, chocolates, stationery and a notebook, the cutest needle holder, so much to mention.

Yes, I have already caked the yarn and will be looking for a pretty idea soon to knit myself a pretty something with real handdyed yarn from Finland.

#stitchingsanta #secretsanta The Reveal


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This has now been the third year that the gorgeous and super talented Sheila at Sewchet organized this amazing swap, and the second year I got to partake.

Each year Sheila askes those interested to let her know, and then she pairs you with a buddy that is a secret until the swap packages are received and opened on Christmas.

This year I got to send a package to someone I have never been “introduced” to. I got to “meet” the very talented artist Anne Lawson.  Anne is one of the most interesting persons I have had the privilege to meet.  So very talented and interesting.  I could not read enough on her blog of what she does and what she likes to do and get up to.  So many gorgeous photos of her country, for me to browse and enjoy.  I learnt so much from her via her blog.

It was with joy and happiness that I went about making a list of what I think I could send her, and then getting it all together.  Admittedly I took some off the list again, as I was not sure about the laws and customs.  I would not want the package held up.

And no sooner did I mail the package, that I got the excellent news that it has already arrived.  Safely at Anne’s home, and she is enjoying her gifts and treats.

#stitchingsanta Package to my buddy

#stitchingsanta Package to my buddy

Sheila did not say much on her blog of what she is making for the secret santa swap, and with good reason.  I was her swap buddy, and I read her blog with great interest.  🙂  So how huge was my surprise when I opened the package and recognised the gift wrapping paper immediately.  Thank you Sheila for spoiling me and of course little Miekie  She really looks so cute in a bandana, and she loves wearing them.  Old age is getting to her and she loves the cozy warmth.

I never owned a proper needle case, and I can not thank you enough for the one that you specially made for me.  It is stunning and I love it so very much.  It is getting a very special place in my little crafting corner.  The flower I may just pin to my project bag and carry it around with me all the time.  🙂  Great memories and a great discussion piece.

Swaps are just the best, you get to meet the most interesting people all the time.

My Blues Blanket


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My squares for my crochet blanket is coming along nicely.  This is a bigger project than my usual knitting, but I am loving it and enjoying the crochet again.  I have not crocheted for a while, only smaller items for around the home.  This blanket is going to be one of my favourites.

I did run out of the darker blue, but have gotten more and am working on making the last few blue rounds and then adding the grey.

It is time for Happy Holidays, and I intend working on these during the festive season.  It is still very hot here, and with this being such small squares, it is the perfect project to carry with you.

Blues Blanket Progress

Blues Blanket Progress