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About a year ago, or maybe even longer, I was working on this blanket, but I was really not making much progress.  The pattern I was using was not easy to follow, and you had to concentrate and count mostly all the time.  I also attempted to knit the whole blanket all in one.

After a while of not getting anywhere with it, I frogged it and put the yarn to one side.  The intention to still make a blanket from it was still there.

So finally I have started this rather ambitious project again.  🙂 This time I will rather knit big squares, that I can work on any time, and hopefully over a period of time, I will knit all the yarn that I have set out for this.  Then I can just join it and have a blanket.

After a few attempts at working on a square that I would like, and would be able to pick up and put down, I think this one is the one that I really like and enjoy.


Blanket Square

Blanket Square