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Things are getting very crafty around here.  I am so very proud to show off my brand new perfect labels.

I finally have personalized labels to show off my crafts and goodies.  How stunning are these.

Amazing Labels

Amazing Labels

I ordered a whole variety of different labels from The Dutch Label Shop.  They have offices in The Netherlands, and in the USA.  I took my time and browsed their site for at least two days.  There is just such a big variety and options to work with.  Deciding what to get was very difficult.

I finally decided on two labels.  A soft creamy one to stitch on as is.  And a pretty grey one, that would be used folded around the edge of the project to display both sides.  Then I also ordered care labels with wash instructions.  So perfect, as you get to choose the care instructions you want to have on your label, and you get space to put your Name etc, and space to have some written instructions or comments too. ( 🙂  I may need more with different instructions for different types of yarns, etc.)

Also included in my order was some standard labels, i.e. 100% cotton, which is perfect for the popular 100% cotton that is so lovely to work with and wear here in South Africa.  And who can resist a “one size fits all” label.  Definitely a must have.

Finally I even included some swing tags.  🙂  They are punched and have a wax cord already attached as well.

What I really love about the labels, is that they are of such good quality.  There is no loose ends, or fraying bits.  The colours are exactly as I had hoped them to be, even though one is ordering from a website and colours can look differently on screen.  Even though one can use your own designed logo for any of the works, I simply opted for one of the hundreds of logos / pictures / drawings that they already have available.  The little doggy was just perfect for me.  The edges of the labels is soft and does not scratch.  And you can order from small quantities too.

If you love my labels, just follow the link to their site and browse around for yourself.  There is so much to see and enjoy.

Thank you Dutch Label Shop for making me so very happy with my very own labels.