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It has been a lovely hot weekend, and despite the heat and warm sunny days, I even got around to some knitting and crafting.  🙂

So just a quick update this morning of my progress:

My grey lambswool sweater is now in one piece, and it is so soft and warm.  I need to knit the neck and add a few finishing touches.

Grey Lambswool sweater - Progress

Grey Lambswool sweater – Progress

The shawlette I am working on, is as good as halfway there.  One or two more pattern repeats and I can start the decrease section.  Quick and easy, and the perfect kerchief for any winter sweater.

The best part of the weekend was to embroider on the candlewicking piece I am working on.  I just loved making all the little french knots in various thickness of threads.  Mostly using shades of blue.  Now on to the other last bit of embroidery, and then into its frame and on the wall.  🙂