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Summer here has gone into the low 30 degrees C already, and it is only November.  It is going to be a very hot summer.

This is my daughter’s orchid, happily growing at my house.  It is blooming beautifully.

Summer Orchid Blooms

Summer Orchid Blooms

Summer also means less knitting, and more time doing something else.  I have started working on my mini bears, and have begun to work on Old Blu.  When I saw the little Bat Bear, I was lost and loved the little critter.  I decided to get him, as I know once the kits have been sold, many are not redone for sale again.  So better to get the kit, even if I only get around to sewing him later.

Mini Bears

When I visited the lovely Michelle at Honeydew Bears, she also had these pretty darlings.  Old Ned, which is beautiful, in green and red.  He is a cousin on Old Blu, and came to visit for the Holidays.  And no festive season is complete without a Christmas Elf.  🙂  The little Hope Angel, with the cutest little wings, is a limited edition for Breast cancer awareness.

Transferring the pattern onto the fabric for the little bit of old school Candlewicking did not take long at all. Now for a bit of french knots and colonial knots, with a bit of stitching here and there.

I am still working on my grey lambswool sweater.  All the knitting has been done, and it is off my needles.  Now to sew it together and add the neck details, which I think will be uncomplicated.  Keeping my fingers crossed to have something to show soon.