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Even though I have not been knitting as much as I really would have wanted to, I did keep pretty busy with so much else.

I did work a little bit on my grey sweater, and the sleeves are about halfway up the arm length.  🙂  I may only wear it next year for winter, as it is to late now, and the days have turned to Spring already.

I knitted this beautiful little shawlette years ago as a test knit for Naoko in Japan, and then I gifted it for a friend in Germany.  I have loved the pattern so much, I am going to re-knit it.

Not knitting meant I finally got around to doing some things I had been meaning to do.  Like rearrange my (ever increasing) collection of giraffes.  This is just some of them, but now they look a bit more organized.  🙂 yes there is still open spaces, you never know when one follows me home.

And I got around to making some stitch markers, some of which is for a swap buddy and friend.



Spring is definitely already here, and she arrived right on time this year.  This tree in the garden is full of tiny leaves and buds.  I got the urge to make a mini garden in a large container, and these plants look pretty happy.

The weaver birds built some nests in the big palm tree in the garden.  But it would seem they were not happy, I found two nests on the ground, and the next day the last one was totally destroyed at the end of the day when I got home.  I still see the weavers in the garden at the feeding tray, however no nests.  It may be that they do not like the stray kitty that has taken up residence in the garden too.

Something I don’t have many of is Mini Skeins.  They are becoming very popular, and proving very helpful for those colourwork items and socks.  So I splashed out and ordered some as well.  Thank you Gina at Natural Yarns for these sets of gorgeous colours from Nurturing Fibres and KarooMoon.

Another thing that I am absolutely loving, is the yearly sale at the local Art Supply Store Herbert Evans.  This store is amazing, and every year during August, they have such huge discounts, I truly spoil myself.  This year I have seen stunning new art pens and paints making their debut, and I loved the discounts, as it meant I could get a few sets.  They are sold separate as well.  I also got oil paint Sharpies, as they can write on glass and ceramics.  Just what I have been looking for.

New creative ideas!!

New creative ideas!!

And through it all Miekie do not really care what all the busy-ness and fuss is about, as long as she can nap on the sofa.  🙂


So what is all the fuss about. I just want to nap.

Have a great September all!!