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With winter recess and taking a break from work and the office, it is just amazing how much time you have to relax in the winter sun and enjoy the weather and craft.

I took my usual winter break, and was making the most of the weather, sunny days, and time to finish some projects.

After months of patiently waiting, Becky Bear finally got stitched.  All the parts are now sewn together, and I can put some stuffing into the parts and put her together.  The fur I was gifted by my sister, is lovely.  I am loving the look of Becky and am very happy with her.  She should be a happy little girl soon.  🙂

My quick knit of a mock cabled cowl in 100% Turkish Wool and Scheepjes Secret Garden Yarn was really quick and easy to knit.  This stitch was one of my Mom’s favourites, and she used it often in her projects.  I knitted the cowl open, and added some pearly buttons.  This makes it more versatile and I can wear it in different ways. I even had enough yarn to include a pair of fingerless mittens.

My pride of course is this Stormy Day Shawl.  I can not get enough of this colour, and the finished edge is rich and dark.  The Scheepjes Whirl yarn is stunning, and this is only one to the amazing colour combinations for this Shawl.  I used GreenTeaTipple.

Stormy Day Shawl

Stormy Day Shawl

And I have a small crochet project going, a smaller blanket for a small family member.  I have started on the granny squares, and are just keeping it plain and simple so she can have it for the winter to keep warm when out and about.

And in preparation for the all to soon summer, I decided that these two little cloths needs a pretty edge to brighten my kitchen.