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What do you do or give to two young arty people, that just about has everything they need?  That was what I was thinking about when I decided to make something for my daughter and son in law’s second wedding anniversary.  And it had to be modern enough to fit into a loft apartment in the city.  🙂

This is what I finally came up with.  It is their star constellations, embroidered and embellished with beads for the stars, and sequin and beads for the bigger stars.  I chose a hoop and attached a small black leather strap, as they have a round wooden mirror that hangs from a leather strap, in the bedroom.  Perfect match.  🙂

Embroidery - Wedding day Anniversary

Embroidery – Wedding day Anniversary


I ordered this stunning Scheepjes Yarn (Whirl) from BeInspired, as I simply loved it the moment I saw it.  This is Green Tea Tipple, not blue, but close.  🙂

Scheepjes Green Tea Tipple and Stormy Day Shawl

Scheepjes Green Tea Tipple and Stormy Day Shawl

I had to wrap my head around crocheting UK stitches / pattern, since I normally crochet and read patterns USA stitches when working on crochet items.  I am already getting the hang, and although progress is a bit slow, the darker colour is not to easy on the eyes when working at night, I am looking forward to moving into the lighter shades, and making faster progress.  I love this yarn, it is super soft, very light, and I am sure it will wear beautifully and be lovely and warm.