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With the Easter weekend, I have been able to craft a bit on my WIPs’ and I am so happy with the Granny Square blanket that I am making.  The blanket squares have all been joined, and I am working on a border.  The border may take a bit longer, as I have decided to just keep going at it with the colours and wool I have for this project until I run out.

My Tanis Triangular Shawl is complete.  It blocked beautifully, and I would recommend this easy to knit shawl to anyone.  I am considering knitting a second one, and doing the large lace border, as I stopped after a short piece of the lace border, and although I love this shawl, I think another one is definitely a must knit.

I also started on a Stratus Wrap for myself.  This is a great pattern, and it is so easy and knits up so fast.  I am able to take it with me, and during the Easter weekend my sister and I enjoyed a good lot of knitting while the men in the family tended to the fire and a typical South African braai.  It will probably become a bit to big to carry around for much longer, but I have yarn and ideas for the next projects ready as well.  I added a spot of colour to the stratus wrap, specially since our Johannesburg sunsets are just so beautiful and you can not resist the evenings and the fiery colours.

Johannesburg Sunsets

Johannesburg Sunsets

I am working on a small embroidery piece and unfortunately the grey rainy chilly weather on the weekend was not so good for getting good pictures, it was a good time to hibernate with tea and stitching.  I will hopefully be able to show my embroidery soon.

It is a very short week for me, only 2 working days and a day workshop (work not craft related) and then a 5 day weekend.  LOL.  Yes I am ready for the long weekend here, and have loads and loads of projects and ideas to keep me busy, regardless of what the weather is bringing this time of the year.  It has started to become cooler, and some trees have now started to turn colour and drop leaves.  It is beautiful and I am so happy to have Winter coming to visit.

Take care and enjoy the new week.