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I bought the most amazing mohair from Natural Yarns, and could not wait much longer to get started with some knitting projects on it.  It is so amazingly soft and light, you hardly feel it.

So I knitted a triangular shawl / scarf in a blue gray, for a colleague of mine, that is having her birthday next week.  We share the same office suites, and are so alike, it is lovely.

The brown and beige is my best colour to wear to the office, as it makes getting dressed just so much easier.  So this pretty scarf is just right for it.  It knitted up amazingly fast.  And with the rainy weather we have been having, it is actually perfect timing.

And then I crocheted my first ever purse and used these cute handles with the duckies for it.  I always thought it looks so complicated, but it was not at all.  It was a lovely project, went really quickly, and was very easy.  I have more purse handles, and will be making more of these in the future.

And just in case you may be wondering about the weather here, this week had been a rainy and very wet week.  It rained most of last weekend, and it may still rain most of this weekend as well.  We are grateful for the rain, as we needed it so very much.

This was the city and the streets during the week.  Very damp, cloudy, foggy, low clouds hiding the buildings, and roads that flooded into little rivers at times. But we are still loving it.