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Following on my previous post, I want to share with you the beautiful knitting needles I ordered from Die WollLust in Berlin.  I placed the order online from Johannesburg, and my daughter were so kind to collect the needles for me when they visited Berlin. The lovely Birgit Freyer helped me online via emails and assisted me with my order.  I could send the money with my daughter to pay upon collection.

The first set is Knit Pro Melodies of Life.  It is beautifully boxed with 8 sets of needles, 6 cords, extension pieces, stoppers, and all the bits you will need, including a sweet little poach to keep all the bits in.  Also in the box is a set of stitch holders, in pretty and cheerful shiny colours, and two beautiful sets of handmade earrings.

I love this boxed set.


I also included a range of Knit Pro Royale needles.  I decided to get 12 sets, ranging from 3.0 mm to 8.0 mm and a few connector cables.  These will be so handy and will go a very long way towards expanding my current range of needles.

Since I started using these needles, I have slowly but certainly been adding to the needles I could buy here.  I still love and use straights, but enjoy working with these much more, as I feel my hands are not strained so much.

My daughter and son in law also went shopping while they were in Holland, and surprised my with this soft and squishy package.

It is an early birthday gift, but I am being good and not opening it just yet.  My birthday is only next month.  🙂  I am going to try and wait.

It is from Stephen and Penelope Fine Yarns in Amsterdam.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday from Amsterdam