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I have never left South Africa, nor (yet) visited Europe, but I feel like a world traveler.  All thanks to my daughter and son in law, and the beautiful gifts and goodies they bring home with them each time they get to visit Europe.

This year they visited Belgium, (son in law is Belgian) and they also got to visit Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam.

These are some of the goodies they brought home.

The cutest Matryoshka dolls, a gorgeous hand painted egg, and a brooch with little dolls on.

Treats!!  My favourite biscuits for my coffee in the mornings, Spekulaas Tea, (which smells divine, and delicious chocolates.  And bags!  I love a good shopping bag, and these I can use often and over and over.  No wasteful plastics.

A super little big bag, that I can carry in my handbag.  Stitch holders.  A bear from Berlin, he is just to cute for words, and of course, I must have Miffy!  Here the little cutie is with my favourite Giraffes, how awesome is that.

I love snow globes, and these two all the way from Prague and Berlin made their way to Johannesburg to join my collection.


And no trip would be complete without an item featuring my favourite painter and artist Alphonse Mucha.  This is a puzzle, featuring “The Four Seasons”  I like to build puzzles, and this one will be on the top of my list.

There is more, and I will show and tell in the next post.