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Happy 2017 to you all.

It has already been a pretty busy year, with 2016 WIP’s now being completed firstly before I allow any new WIP’s to make their way onto my needles and hooks.

The first one out the door for 2017 is Wilhelmina.  She is a cute vintage looking little green bear, and I am happy that I finished her during the holidays and she gets her special place now.

Then my green Rowan Summer Tweed Sweater.  We have had a very rainy weekend, and I took great advantage of it and worked on this sweater.  The drape is lovely, but I did not get good or proper tension on the yarn at all.  I don’t think this is a yarn I would use again, definitely not for a knitted item.  I’ve done the hems and even added the buttons.  It just needs the collar and then it is done.  I can still wear it in the Fall days, when we have the odd cold day.

And then on 1 Jan 2017 I made the decision to Frog!  Yes, I actually frogged this blanket I was working on.  It has now been nearly 18 months in progress, and despite the fact that I love this pattern, it is not going anywhere, at least not fast enough.  It will still be a blanket, and I hope to restart it in a pattern that I will knit up faster, and who knows, maybe even have a blanket pretty soon.

All the best to you all for 2017.