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Earlier in the year, I got the opportunity to swap with a buddy all the way in stunning Finland.  And what a super swap it was.

My package quickly made its way to Birgit in Finland.  I made socks for her, and they were the perfect fit.

Then the wait began.  By now you all know that my post here can be slow at times, and once again it seems to have been the case.  The darling Birgit was really worried, but I assured her all the time not to worry, it will arrive eventually.

And it did.  Unfortunately by the time the package arrived, Birgit had already sent a second package and they both arrived at the same time.

I was so very happy to receive these stunning gifts and goodies.  Gorgeous socks, my favourite yellow mittens, and a stunning pair of fingerless mittens, with beads and lace detail.  So pretty, I am looking forward to winter to show them all off.

I got yarn, that I have already caked, stitch markers, a Moomin tin, chocolates, stationery and a notebook, the cutest needle holder, so much to mention.

Yes, I have already caked the yarn and will be looking for a pretty idea soon to knit myself a pretty something with real handdyed yarn from Finland.