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The year has started to draw to a close.  It is Festive Season all around.  The shops are full of happy shoppers and lights and sounds and gifts.

And so it is time to start getting ready for our Happy Holidays.

This is the last swap for the year that I am sending out.  (I will be showing you what I sent out a bit later, and also what I got in return.)

For this swap, we are enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas, and you get to make up 12 small gifts for your swap buddy, and then on the 12 Days of Christmas you get to open a little gift each day.  I was thinking of numbering them, but then decided against it.  My swap buddy can shake them and squeeze them and sniff them if she wants to, and then pick a package each day.  🙂  I can not wait to see what she thinks when its time to start opening these, and I really had fun making some of the items, and shopping for the others.