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Crafting have been slow and steady.

I worked on my summer tweed sweater, and the progress is good.  The back is nearly completed. I don’t have a pattern for this sweater, just an idea of what I want it to look like.  So I am sticking to my very old school knowledge and knitting the sweater in sections, as I can work it out in my mind and on paper as to how many stitches, size, length, etc.  I won’t try and get creative and knit it all in one, or such.  The yarn does not like to be frogged and reknitted.


The Blues Blanket is getting extra attention.  I have done the centre circles, and have for now started with 64.  It should then be a 8 x 8 squares blanket.  I may have to make more later on, if I decide I want it bigger maybe. I have done a sample square and wrote down all my notes.


Currently I am adding round two, which is a nice dark blue.


We are having a heatwave here, and I have not crafted much during the weekend.  The only good time is late in the evenings, when the worst heat of the day is cooling just a little bit.