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It is actually not really quite summer here in Johannesburg, as the calendar is telling me it is only September and Spring!

But this week had been an amazingly warm (rather hot) week.  The weather had already gone into the mid 20 degrees C.  Today had been forecast for closer to the 30’s!  It feels a lot more like Summer already, rather than Spring still.  Only in the garden you can see it is still very much Spring, as just about everything has tiny green leaves and buds and shoots popping up everywhere.

Mother Nature definitely has a way to inspire one with all her energy.   I have absolutely no plans for these yet, but could not resist the urge to stash dive and make Cakes.  Yarn cakes that is.  🙂  Now I have all these pretties sitting in a huge tray on my worktable, ready to grab and knit.  I guess I should grab a handful of pattern books and magazines and find a cozy spot in the shade and start looking for some pattern then!