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Here I am!  Back Again!

I had a little medical emergency that landed me in hospital for a week. And then another week at home resting up.  But I am all well and healthy and on the way to recovery.  I have DVT (Deep vein trombosis) and could not walk, but I’m back on my feet now and making very good progress.  I had a nice window and could see a little bit of garden outside.  The weather was cold and some days were cloudy.  I was very well looked after and the treats and snacks were just superb.

Of course my little doggie had to go and visit with my daughter and son in law, and she absolutely love being with them, but I did get the impression she was much happier keeping my legs warm when I returned home again.

I got a lot done, I must admit.  I knitted my daughter’s light grey speckled cowl, and cast on a dark grey speckled cowl as well.  And I started a beanie for my son in law.

I was able to finish the little tapestry I was working on.  I am thinking I want to make a project bag maybe, and have the tapestry as part of it.  I also blocked my lacy leaf shawl and vintage look doily, and the doily is already in use.

Of course I also had lots and lots of time to read, and I absolutely loved these 2 books that I had time to work through from beginning to end.

These are beautiful, and I intend using some of the new ideas and techniques in them that I found very interesting.  One always seem to learn something new somewhere in a day.

Happy crafting to you all.