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It is 2016!  A New Year!  How quickly the holidays have gone.  Thankfully I had a good break and a typical warm and sunny Festive Season here in South Africa. The most exciting thing that happened was probably Miekie having to have some of her teeth out on New Years Eve.  She recovered super fine, and is enjoying all the attention and great food and treats.

The Little Black Dog

I intended to just rest and do as little as possible, but that will never happen.  🙂  I can not sit idly and let my hands do “nothing”.

So I did do a bit of this and that.  I decided I need a little splash of soft colour for my home, and worked on these three canvases.  I did the basics and some background, but I am not done yet.  They still need a bit of finishing off.  I have some pretty bronze paint to still add to them.

Thanks to AndreSueKnits and her lovely podcasts, I got totally inspired to also dye “Speckled Yarn”.  She made it look so easy and I could not wait.  These are done using food colouring, and I had lots of fun, despite having “speckles” all over myself as well in the end.  🙂

I did knit and crochet during the holidays, but only on small projects that I could take with me while on vacation.  I had been wanting to make colourful and summery coasters for glasses or mugs, and decided on these.  I also knitted the Baable Hat (Pattern by Donna Smith) This is a super pattern that I knitted up so fast.  My daughter promptly asked for one as well, so I knitted another.

Currently I am still working on my winter blanket, but since we have been having a pretty warm summer with heatwave warnings, the knitting had been few.  I am working on a pair of socks in Silverspun yarn from the Feel Good Yarn Company. This yarn has the perfect name, and I know they will be perfect gifts.  (for my daughter again)

And I am knitting with super soft Mohair from Istanbul, that my LYS had stock off, making myself a Smocked Lace Scarf.  The pattern is by Veronik Avery and is featured in the book “Knitting 24/7” that I was gifted.

And that is how my year ended and the new one started.

I wish you all a Wonderful and Fantastic 2016!  May it be an Awesome Year for us all.

Happy Crafting!