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Before I start the new year, 2016, I just want to pop back to 2015 for a brief moment.

During the Holidays, the #Stitching Santa Swap took place.  I got to send a package to Sewchet, what a fabulous time I had putting her package together, and trying to include goodies that are local yet still to be loved in a far away country.  As all the packages had now made their way, I can show you a bit more.

These are the items I included into Sewchet’s package.

A cute pincushion, a magnet to show off our beautiful sunsets, local crochet cottons and hooks.

A little wooden angel, handcrafted from recycled materials, some of my favourite sweets, and I found these 2 stunning teacloths, from India, that I added a little crochet border to.

I could not resist the big red bag, I have some of them as well, in other colours too.  They are so versatile for market days and storage. And a few other goodies, sewing needles and local printed ribbon.

Swap goodies

But I must tell you about the HUGE surprise I got a few days before Christmas.  My Stitching Santa package arrived just in time for Christmas.  I did open the package, but not the gifts inside, and put them under the tree until Christmas eve, which is the day we normally open gifts.

I, actually myself and my doggie, got gifts and goodies from the very kind and dear Mollie and Claire.  I was totally surprised and completely loved all of it.  I have been following Claire and Mollie for a while, and I absolutely love her blog, as I get to see her part of the world, and what she and Mollie and her family and friends get up to.  I have never been to Britain, and get to see parts of it this way.

We were totally spoiled.

A package for Miekie and lots for me.

I got an Owlie project bag, that is ready for use already.  Beautiful, gorgeously soft green lace yarn, and soft grey kidsilk mohair that Claire gifted me from her stash, so beautiful.  Also the cutest buttons, sock needles that is so pretty and colourful, which I don’t have.  Yummy chocolates, that survived the postal delivery and was enjoyed by all, and two cutest ever coasters, that is now on my desk at the office to keep it cheerful all year round.

Miekie loves her treats, and are spoiled with a treat or a snack each time she was a good girl.

Thank you Claire, and Mollie, for your most lovely Santa Package and making our holidays such a very special one.


ps:  Miekie (the little black dog) had 7 teeth out on New Years Eve, and are currently wishing for her treats, but as she has stitches, I am saving some for a bit later, as soon as she is healed up a bit. Here she is at the vet, hours after the surgery, that went very well.  Thank you to all the staff and surgeons at Park Vet Sunward Park that took such good care of her.

New years eve at the Vet