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Holl and Lane

I joined the online magazine Holl and Lane a little while ago. It is a stunning online magazine by the very talented Sarah Hartley.

I started reading her online magazine, as I was totally intrigued by the articles about live in the USA, especially by the stunning photographs that was the perfect way for me to get a bigger and better picture of so many places I love to maybe even see one day, and be able to visit them.

So for now I am enjoying my “desk” visits to so many places.

How great was my  surprise then when Sarah asked me to write a few paragraphs for her about Holiday Traditions in South Africa?  What a huge honour.  I could hardly believe it and was not sure what to write, but I sat down and wrote what I thought would be interesting enough.

And now my Holiday Traditions in South Africa are featured on page 64!

How awesome is that, and what a wonderful way to end a beautiful year that was full of good times and lots of fun.