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Winter is still months away, but I could not resist this stunning tweed yarn in Oatmeal, and have started a blanket for next winter.

Yes, can you believe it, a blanket!  I did knit a blanket many years ago, and it was that very same blanket this kick started this blog.  That blanket was a gift, and I have not done anything as big since.

The blanket I have now started, is probably not as big as the first one, as I just want a medium sized blanket that is soft and comfy and cozy to keep around for when you want to just pull something over you.

I knit it inbetween my other projects, and I have a few months to go before we have winter here in Johannesburg again.  It will probably on my needles until close to winter then.

In the meantime I am working on a quick and easy and very pretty little cowl for myself, using the most stunning Manos Del Urugay Handspun Pure Wool.  The pattern is the Bridger Cowl.  It is pretty and informal, and I can see it getting lots of use in the winter.

I also tried my hand (after years, actually centuries) at tapestry work.  I can not remember when the last time was I actually did a tapestry.  This one was a swap gift and I am now starting to work on it.  It was most pleasant and peaceful, not to much effort, and I am starting to get the hang of it again.