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Traveling Packages and Mail Delivery Services.

Both of these make me smile, albeit for totally different reasons.

Receiving packages is always great, and I love the surprises when receiving a package with international stamps on.  The gifts and goodies are gorgeous, and so cute.  Always something new and interesting and not what I have seen before.

The other reason why I smile, is the Mail Delivery Services, which at times can be pretty slow.  Outgoing mail always seem to wing their way pretty quickly.  But the incoming mail has a will and a way of their own.

One to these was a package that “strayed”.  It was mailed to me from Massachusetts in February 2015, and arrived at my home in October 2015.   Yes, 8 Months later!!   I don’t know where this package traveled to, and where it visited before it finally got to me, but the surprise of receiving it was awesome.  In the package was sweets and chocolates, that were still in a perfect condition.  The chocolates were even already eaten, and were so good. Can not wait to try the Old Bay Seasoning.  Have been wanting this for a while, we don’t have it in SA.

My other package, coming from Alberta in Canada, took a little less time, about 3 months, which I suppose is a lot faster!

And again, what stunning lovely gifts.  Adorable Hiya Hiya goodies.  Now I also sport my own little Puppy Snips.  Are they cute or what?  And coffee / tea cozies in a typical Canadian pattern.  Wow, they are going to get amazing comments when I use them in the winter.  Even a MugRug all the way from Mexico.  I love it, and think its very special.

This is the joy of swapping with buddies from far away countries.  Even when a packages takes a bit longer, you are always surprised with the best little treasures ever.