Today I quickly want to share with you the stunning package I got all the way from Connecticut!

I was totally in awe and overwhelmed by all the lovely goodies.

It was having an early Christmas.  The little parcels inside the box just seemed to keep coming and coming.  Each one with its own new surprise.

2 New magazines, Project Bags (One is nice and big, I am going to start a bigger project) and how cute is that handpainted lamb!

So many goodies and gifts.  I love the tea, and have already put the red sunflower seeds in pots for our coming summer.  And look at all the knitting notions.

Stunning yarns, so many!  I am over the moon.  Look at the MadelineTosh.  In Byzantine, how appropriate.  The yellow is stunning, one can never be dull in such a bright colour.  Love the Polaris, have been looking for some here but could not find.  Any my daughter is hinting for a pair of cool cotton summer socks in the silverspun.  May be a very delicate pair of socks but perfect for a special evening.