Last weekend was the first pretty relaxing and quiet weekend I had in a long time, and I truly went all out to get up to working on my buddy’s swap socks.  Knitting on these socks are for daylight hours, and I made the most of it.  I am ready to start the gusset.  I am happy with the progress and the pattern so far.

Other knitting is taking shape, specially my little scarf, in these stunning autumn colours.  It is a project I find hard to put down, as with each row I want to see the colours as they unfold.  It very much reminds me of a forest with the leaves changing colour.

And what is better than being surprised with new craft books.  My daughter and son-in-law gifted me with these two stunning new books.

Knitting 24/7.  My son-in-law says he could not resist it, as it reminded him of me immediately.

And they know I love a bit of vintage, and love vintage crochet, so this Simple Crochet with stunning vintage like patterns and ideas was a must.