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I took a break on Sunday, and decided to relax and watch the Airshow planes pass my house.  Annually there is a lovely Airshow at the local (very small) airport just up the road from my home.  They literally fly by my home, and I can watch them from the windows, and of course, hear the noise of the Fighter Jets as they come swooping by.

I took out a little embroidery I bought recently, to make a small cushion for the house.  It was a great break.  I did not get as far as I had hoped, but it was really a pleasant break. I had to stop when the sun was starting to set, as the light was no longer good enough, and the electric lights are just not the same when it comes to doing some fine work.

My daughters second sock is progressing so much faster that the first one.  I think I am now getting the hang of the two yarns.  I would think that by the weekend I would have turned the heel even.