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Today my post is a bit non craft related.

It has been winter here, and since our winters are not as severe in Johannesburg as many other places, we still had the time to go out and enjoy the countryside every now and again.

Everything seems a bit brown and gray, but the days were lovely and cosy with lots of sunshine.

These are pictures from our June (Mid winter just about) trip to one of my favourite places around here, Hartbeespoort Dam. It was a lovely day, stunning weather, hardly a breeze, and very peaceful and quiet.

And in August we had a family breakfast at a little place about 15 minutes drive from my home, called Gillooly’s Farm.  The restaurant is called Mrs. Sippy.  It is situated right next to the water’s edge, and you can walk your dog there and even feed the ducks and geese.

Soon it will be summer again, and then everything will be warm and sunny, and so very green.