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After a busy morning, I settled down and started to unpack some of my stash.  It is winter here, and colder, which means I “need” to be creative.  I am working on some goodies for a swap buddy, but can only show those in a little bit, once the package has safely reached its far away destination.

So I started to look at the yarns I am thinking about using, and unpacked them.  It seems I am in the mood for “Fall” or “Winter”.  The colours are definitely reminding me of  Fall and turning leaves.

I decided on the Manos Maxima (the really dark Caravan) and the Arequipa, which very much reminds me of the turning of leaves in Autumn.  I will be looking out for patterns soon, am thinking of a Beanie in the Maxima and a scarf in the Arequipa.

I am working on a very nice shawl, Pimpelliese,  that I learned about from a young knitter in Germany, via Instagram. (she is on Ravelry as well).

I started the shawl, and after a few pattern repeats noticed a small mistake.  🙂  You guessed it, I ripped it out and restarted.  It is going much better and I am remembering the pattern easier as I make progress.