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For all those out there that might have noticed that I have been working on smaller projects and were not as busy with crafting as usual, there was a really good reason.

My daughter decided to get married, and they did not want to wait for months and plan for months on end.  They have been engaged for nearly two years now, and decided to get the wedding done now.

So it came down to planning the wedding within a matter of weeks.  But we did!  I had stunning help from family and friends.

They both are very artistic, and wanted a venue that was artistic, funky and with an industrial feel.  Everything just came together wonderfully and we even got the perfect venue.  Elzabe Zietsman (the very talented singer, actress and chef) was our hostess and we hosted the wedding in her stunning place.  It even featured a baby grand piano and a really cozy fireplace.

I don’t have the “official” photos just yet, but thought I would share some with you.

And now I can get back to crafting and knitting again.  🙂  Winter is here, it turned chilly and cold and wet after the weekend.  Perfect timing.