Finally!!  Hobby X Time!!

Or at least, that is how it felt, for me at least.  I love to attend all art, craft and hobby expo’s and fairs.  The more the better.  One of the really nice and big ones I love to go to is the Hobby X Expo held in Johannesburg.  It is held in Midrand (Pretoria) as well, for which I normally take the train and a bus.  But the Johannesburg expo is close enough for me to drive to.

So I eagerly awaited this years Expo to arrive, getting ready for some serious shopping, and meeting new friends, and catching up with old friends.

And I was NOT disappointed at all.  It was amazing.  I had an awesome time.  The stalls were stocked to the roof, the variety and selections were huge, I could not get enough.  The exhibitors were super and friendly and helpful where-ever I dropped in.

These are some of the spoils I came home with…..

Loads of Magazines, both from overseas and local  (I adore Molly Makes, as you can tell)

Must have some extra yarns for my stash, and I got Malabrigo and Yarn Stash  (Malabrigo imported and Yarn Stash is a local yarn)

Beautiful Becky, a fully jointed Bear to make (from Honeydew Bears) and some pretty ribbons and wooden buttons to add to my selection

Thanks to Molly Makes, I got all these fabulous free goodies with the magazines I bought.  (little kits of pretty goodies to make, stickers, 2 booklets with patterns and ideas, a calender for 2015, and limited edition Prints, that I will either block on canvas or frame to hang in the craft room)

And I could not go home without these:

Glass paint and canvasses for my daughter and son-in-law