I have a family that knows me so very well.  They know just how much I love books still, despite the modern days and times.  I am keeping up with times, and reading on my tablet, posting to my blog and Instagram, loving Pinterest, and all the modern things.

But every now and again there is a book that crosses ones path, and still amazes you.  This was exactly the case with the book “Alles oor Hekel” by Karen Adendorff.  I have been able to crochet since I can remember, being fortunate to have a very dear grandmother that patiently taught me.

I was given this beautiful book by Karen as a gift.  It is a superbly well written book and very easy to follow.  It is in Afrikaans, which makes it very special to me.  It is clear, cheerful and colourful.  What I most love is the easy instructions and perfect pattern photographs.

Even for someone that can already crochet, this book was a great gift, as it gives you that little bit of extra information on how to finish off your stitches a little more perfect, in a simply easy way.

Karen and her team did a perfect job with this book, and it will be one of my favourites for a long time.