My 2014 Summer Vacation was a beautiful and stunning time.  I got to spend time with my family and loved ones.  I think my dog enjoyed it even more, having me around all the time.  The weather was great, we had lots of sunshine, and enough rain to keep the garden happy as well.

But I did get around to doing some crafting around the house as well.  I tidied my workdesk and made myself a neat little space to work. My modified jars to store my pins in, knitted myself a carry all for my knitting, upgraded a rather plain printed shopper with beads and buttons and charms, I crocheted some beaded decorative covers for ostrich eggs, and covered a lampshade with a crocheted cover and some beaded trim, and then I even decorated my kitchen towels with pretty borders.

I was in the mood for cushions, and knitted some for the spare room, and even for my office.

And through it all, when the weather did keep us indoors, we even had time to build a puzzle and “frame” it by attaching it to a canvas and sealing it with varnish.