Last week I received my swap package, all the way from Canada!  I did not open it as we were allowed to open on 1 August only.

I was over the moon with joy for the lovely goodies in my package.  I got a stunning shawl in a very pretty simple design that wears and drapes beautifully, and is so very soft.  Plus a skein of very very soft green yarn.

As I am always trying out new things, my swap buddy sent me a small kit with embroidery ribbons and cloth.  What a perfect way to start on something I have not yet tried.

My swap buddy no longer embroiders, as she now prefers to spin, and decided to gift me her whole collection of embroidery cottons and a small pattern with a cute kitty on.  I could hardly believe my luck.  So many cottons and colours.  I had a sewing box in storage that I have not used for such a long time, but when I received these pretty sewing goodies, I could not resist but to go and get my box again.  It now proudly houses all my new cottons.

And it came just in time.  Soon the days will be moving towards Spring here, and getting warmer, with the result that I will be knitting a bit less.  Now I can look forward to many hours of embroidery during those lovely Spring days.