As part of a group on Ravelry we were recently challenged to join the Little Yellow Duck Project and put South Africa on the map.

What is the Little Yellow Duck Project?

The Little Yellow Duck Project involves people around the world handcrafting little yellow duck gifts as random acts of kindness that are left in public places for others to find.  A special tag on each one invites the finder to take their gift home to brighten their day and to visit their website to register where they found their gift.  The hope is that the stories and information found here on the website, will encourage them to pledge their own random act of kindness by registering to donate blood, bone marrow, organs tissues.

As things goes around here, you should probably never challenge a South African, as we are almost always up to the challenge.

The moderators of two SA Ravelry groups decided to divide SA into two areas, the North and the South, to have a smaller challenge within a bigger challenge.  Living in Johannesburg, I am in the Northern group.

This project is close to my heart, as my daughter, my sister and myself are already blood donors.  I immediately started to make a few little yellow ducks.  As I am an avid Game of Thrones fan, and being in the North, with some friends in the South, I could not resist naming my Duckies after characters from Game of Thrones.  I have started with a few, Tyrion, Robb Stark, Jon Snow to name a few.  I hope they do their namesakes proud.

Our aim in SA is to set the duckies free during the month of August, for our own smaller contests and prizes to be won.  Thereafter we will still set ducks free to keep the project going and still drive awareness.

These are my first Duckies, ready for setting free in the Urban Jungle here in Johannesbug.


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