It has finally come to say Goodbye to my lovely lady Venus.



She came into my life more than twenty years ago, as a tiny little black ball of fluff.  (smaller than a ball of yarn).  She had kept me and my daughter company over many years, including many late nights of study for my daughter as she finished high-school and a four year degree at University.

Venus just always seemed to be there, around when you needed her.  A stunning lady with a soft voice, and even softer fur to cuddle.  Always ready to sit on your lap when you are feeling sad, but never in the mood to share my lap with knitting.  I guess she new she was much softer to the touch than any yarn could ever be, and never felt the need to compete.

As she got older, she was a very peaceful and quiet lady, sleeping in front of the stove, where the heat from baking and cooking made her feel very comfortable.  It so reminded me of older farm-houses, with the cats or dogs in front of the stove or fireplace.

But this winter, she decided to go to the “happy hunting grounds” where all good Kitties go.

She will be missed in our home, and her place will never be filled.