Now that two of my scarves are done and off the needles, I did a few other projects, that I had been planning and wanting to finish for a while.

In my Molly Makes Magazine was a free little sewing project, a cute sausage dog, that I made and am now using as a pin cushion for when I am blocking my knitting.

I also made some earrings, it was about time, I needed a few new pairs to update my collection.

And this Celtic inspired chain-maile piece, that I attached to a large silver pin, that works wonders as a scarf or shawl pin.

I have started a long pendant / lariat as well, I am working on this one still. Β I did a few pieces that will become a beaded tassle, but am still a bit undecided about the upper piece. Β The design calls for chain, but I might change it a bit and use more beads, etc.