Everyday I count my blessing for being so fortunate to have a daughter and future son in law that are such very loving people.  I just love to spoil them both, they are very dear to me and close to my heart.

During December / January the two of them had the opportunity to visit Europe, i.e. Belgium, The Netherlands and France for their vacation.  They loved the countries they got to visit, and are planning to most definitely do it again.  They went in winter, hoping for snow, but it was just cold.  Next time they might go during spring or summer.

When they returned, I could not listen to them enough, of all the wonderful places they got to visit, all the things they experienced and saw.  It truly was a trip to remember.

And of course, I got spoiled with the most gorgeous lovely goodies from Europe.  They know me so very well and I was super-pleased with all my gifts.

They even took time out to go to De Afstap to get me stunning Addi knitting needles and crochet hook and sock pattern books.  Addi is not stocked here in Johannesburg, so to get them as a gift is the best ever.  The needles are so smooth and makes for perfect knitting projects.

I love Giraffes, and the little “Eiffel tower giraffe” from Paris is just too cute for words.  Not to mention the pretty snowglobe and clogs from Holland.

Now the winter can arrive in all its glory.  I have a hat and gloves to keep me warm.  These gloves are so snug in their fit, they are most comfortable.  I will surely stand out in this hat!

Not to mention all the yummy-good sweets and biscuits I got to nibble on.  My ultimate favourite will always be Speculaas.  And kitchen goodies, with potholders I have not yet come across.

Since I am now collecting magnets from different countries, I got lovely new ones to add to my collection, also a beautiful lace ornament from Belgium and a bag from the Rijksmuseum, which is the perfect project bag for those larger knitting projects.