I loved and enjoyed my December vacation.  I had precious time to spend with friends, family and loved ones.  December vacation in Johannesburg is mid summer which is warm (hot sunny days), cosy and comfy.  We had our fair share of rainy days as well, but the vacation was appreciated by one and all.

I also had time to work on projects, finish projects, start new projects, do little projects, do other things besides knitting, and even did some sewing.  It was a wonderful festive season and great vacation.

When I decorated the house for the Festive season, I wanted the front door wreath to be “natural”, without the usual shiny ribbons and all.  So in the end I decided on hessian for a ribbon, and found these very cute wooden tree cutouts.  It turned out pretty and I was happy with the final effect.

I finished the last two pairs of socks that I had promised for 2013 swaps, and got them in the mail.  The purple pair is my own pattern / idea and I am eagerly awaiting comment from my swap partners, as I know she is an excellent knitter and I would love to hear her opinion.

Since my daughter was taking a trip to Europe for the vacation, I knitted her a pair of bootliners to wear.  She loved the Owlies.

I also had time to finish my Manos wrap, that had been ongoing for a bit.  I added wooden buttons to be able to wear it either open, closed or twisted.  The Manos yarn is so exquisitely soft and wearable, I cannot wait for cooler weather.

And I finally got around to working on my Fly-away Beret again.  It was pending, and now I am actually finished with the centre pattern, and working on the body.

Normally I would not sew much, but I can sew a pretty straight seam, so I made two cushions for my pets for Christmas, which they seem very happy with.  And since I was on the roll, I even made new cushions for the Lounge Couch, pretty Oxford seams and all.

I was really spoiled with the prettiest crochet hooks, a really neat set of the latest Knit Pro hooks, in all the smaller sizes.  They have the most pretty colours for each different size.  And the grips are really soft and comfortable.  I also spoiled myself with a pair of ChiaoGoo Limited Edition Blue Flower knitting needles.  These are so pretty, I do not think I would be using them, but just show them off.

Most of all I got time to use the Koolaids I had been gifted, to colour and dye some of the natural skeins I have been collecting to dye.  This was a huge load of fun, and I loved the results.  I hope to do many more skeins, and try many colour combinations.  I loved the smell of the kitchen and the yarns, the fruitiness was awesome.

And for 2014, I have started the first, hopefully of many, very fine Lace work.  The first is a lace shawl.  I have chosen Glam Shells, and it is a very easy pattern to follow.  I plan to really expand my Lace Knitting during the year, and this will be the first of many.

I am ready for the New Year, and to you each and every one, I wish the most blessed and precious 2014!

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Fun With KoolAid!!

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