My lace knitting adventure is now literally around the corner.  I will be breaking for our summer vacation break here within a matter of days.

I am planning to knit lace items during the summer vacation, I think it will be the perfect knits during the warm days and long balmy evenings when I get to spend time with friends and family.

I have had loads of good encouragement from all, and am now so excited to start.  I had been planning this for a bit, with lace projects, but not in the very fine lace yarn.  The patterns were lace, and I used a slightly thicker yarn to get good practice.  I have done two smallish shawls that turned out very pretty.  But now I am ready to move on up to the very fine lace yarns, and very fine lace patterns.

I have been most fortunate to have been gifted with two very beautiful and precious lace skeins from two very dear and special people.  The dark skein is Drops, that I got from a swappee friend in Belgium, and the lighter skein is a brand I am unfamiliar with, from a swappee friend the USA.  It is amazingly soft.  I thank both my swappee friends for these beautiful gifts, and look forward to making these lace items.


Stunning Drops Lace Yarn gifted to me


Beautiful and so soft Lace Yarn gifted to me

I have chosen some patterns, not too complicated, but very much something I would be able to do, and do the yarn perfect justice and show it off beautifully.  As these would be my first bigger projects in the very fine and soft yarn, I will attempt the more complicated lace work as I progress, practice and improve my lace skills.

I also visited my LYS, and they had these pretties!!  100% Cotton yarns, in a lovely chunky yarn.  I immediately loved the gentle colours and could not resist getting a few.  For now they are just in my stash, but I am sure I will be making something with them.  I love the natural feel of the yarn, and am either thinking of lovely rustic cushion covers, or a project bag or two.  With names like Protea, Parsnip and Pigeon, how can resist them?


Elle Cotton On in Chunky – Pigeon, Protea and Parsnip (such pretty names for yarn)

I just need to finish my current two pairs of socks for swappee friends, and progress is going good.  I should finish within a week and then send off.


Sock progress on my swap partners socks