Although I have been knitting and crocheting for many many years, I always tend to follow a pattern, or at least adjust a pattern to suit my needs.

 But recently I had taken the step towards knitting totally without a pattern, and actually create my own knitted items.  My first item is a pair of socks, for a swap partner.  I loved the knitted stitch pattern that I discovered, and wanted to knit something in it, but to find a sock pattern in it and suitable for the yarn I had bought for my swap partner, was a huge task.  So I took the time, wrote down the pattern, stitches, worked my swatch, did all my calculations, wrote down some more notes, knit another test sample and got the gauge I needed.  Then I cast on for the sock, toe up, as I love knitting toe up socks, and started.  I knitted and wrote the pattern as I made progress.  I knitted a heel flap, as it is most wearable for most.  Then onto the leg, and it still fits every time I try it for size.


Then I also tried my knitting skills at a fingerless mitt.  I wanted something that was not fussy and complicated, but included some pretty bits of colour.  So keeping in mind my previous preparations for the sock, I followed the same.  Lots of writing, drawing, swatching and gauging until I was confident that I had it right.  Once I cast on and started, it just flowed so effortlessly.  I did little colourwork in the mitt, and adjustments in the amount of stitches to keep the fit comfortable, not to loose or tight.


 It does not look bad, but I think I will be working on some adjustments on future mittens, I need to work on some areas of the mitten that I do think I could do better.

 And that is what I have been up to lately.  I have other projects on the needles that is going fairly, like my Manos wrap.  But first I need to finish the other sock  Then back to my current WIP’s.