And of course, how can one go to such an amazing convention and not come home with goodies to spoil yourself and others with.

I got my daughter some beautiful handpainted batik fabric, in her favourite colours.  She will love to convert these into really pretty quilt squares or designs.


Quilting Fabric for my daughter

I myself tried very hard not to overspend on the yarns, and buy one in every colour.  So I settled for a stunning lace in a variegated burgundy.  And a 100% wool in a very pretty deep green.  But I could not resist the pretty cream handspun, it is so very soft, is almost feels like alpaca.


Yarns and goodies for myself

Plus I got two stunning UK magazines, at such a bargain price, I wish they had more.  These magazines are of course “imported” down here, so they do become pricey.  And how can you resist the little free gifts, a cute corsage set to knit. I have crocheted flowers before, but never knitted.  This will be a new.  Not to mention the cat tape measure, I can never have enough, I need one in just about every project bag. Image

As I already have another handcrafting project lurking in the wings, planning to make a mini-bunny with my sisters’ help, I decided to also try something totally different, and bought a small silk screen kit, with the screen already done in a very beautiful flower design.  I had a long talk with the designer, and she assured me it was easy enough.  So another handcrafting project lurking in the wings.


Stunning Silkscreen I want to try.

This already made quilted square immediately caught my eye.  Giraffes are one of my favourite big African animals, and this square was so cute and pretty I could not leave it.  I am thinking it will make the cutest project bag, just needs backing and a lining and a drawstring, and all done.


Future Project Bag.

It was wonderful to spend a day with such great suppliers and vendors, and be able to browse and chat and discuss new ideas.