It is so great being inspired by other people.  I am always keeping myself pretty busy, and cannot sit with idle hands, they must be busy.

I am always carrying a project around with me, just for that slow moment when I can knit.

And then there are those days, when you are truly inspired by others.  First I was taken back to my very first woolly and yarny steps, taking up my crochet hooks, and enjoying it so much.

But also, at this time, I did some more bead weaving, from a design I got from a Ravelry friend.  Her work was so very stunning, I also had to give it a try.  It took some trial and errors, and resulted in a little woven bead bracelet.  I will try and do this design again, as it needs to be wider.  But I did it, and it was a good start.


It also lead to some other beadwork, and I made myself a few little pieces for the upcoming summer, to wear when I no longer hide myself in warm longsleeve sweaters.


And as always, I had to make a little something blue, as I still love the colour blue.