I have always thought that one day I will get myself my own Woolwinder, and have been looking around for one every time I am at the LYS.  The one store, closest to home, only got a few at a time, and they sold pretty quickly.  The second store that I normally visit had stock, but so very expensive, I thought twice each time.

Then I started checking around on the internet, and mostly there was lots to buy, but from an overseas supplier.

Then one day, I happened to be looking for something completely different, when I happened on a store, they had lots of stock, at very good prices, were in South Africa, and they would ship via postal mail.

So that is how I got my new Woolwinder.  It was sent in the mail to me, delivered within a few days!


I could not wait to try it out, and wound these 4 beautiful little balls as soon as I had time.  Then I received gorgeous Lace Yarn from Belgium, and also would it in a beautiful ball.  Definitely a must knit for the coming summer.  I cannot wait to start my projects with them, but am even more eager to wind more wool.

Hurray for the internet, a super supplier and the postal services!