My projects on my needles seem to be coming in a steady stream.  I finish the one and start the next, and always seem to have a few going at the same time, different colours and gauge, to knit at any time, day or night.

I have completed a little project for a swap partner, that is still a bit of a secret, at least until her package arrives, then I will tell more and blog about it.

I have finished the Autumn Sunset Cowl in the Hartlam Yarn for my daughter, and it came out so very beautiful.  It is light and easy to wear, and she loves it.  The pooling of the colours turned out just the way she had hoped it would.Image

As for the little brown hat I wanted to knit for myself, I must admit that I had it finished in no time; it knitted so very fast and easily.  The yarn were so soft and silky, I loved working with it.  Alpaca handspun is a definite must have for me.  Thanks Deb, for the beautiful yarn.  But then I just simply did not get around to finishing off the little trim, a crocheted flower with beads.  I finally sat down during the long weekend here and attached the bead trim, and then attached a brooch pin to the flower, and onto the hat it went.  It is a little dream to wear, and keeps me nice, cosy and warm.ImageImage

And with those coming off the needles, I did start the next WIP’s.  The first one is my Nautical Cowl with Nurturing Fibres in colourway Sailboat.  The pattern is easy to read and follow.  However I did watch a very interesting series on television, and landed up getting the pattern wrong.  It meant frogging at least 10 rounds,  taking me back a few steps.  But I did it, and fixed it, and now I am going again.  Not knitting this one in front of the television. 🙂Image

The other WIP is my daughters next winter item, as she needs more scarfs.  Can a young working lady ever have enough scarfs and cowls?  I started this scarf in Hartlam Man of the World, but we then decided it is not bulky enough for what my daughter had in mind.  So I combined the Hartlam yarn with a simple DK in a blue colour that was already in the Hartlam yarn, and the bulky gauge is just perfect for the scarf and pattern.  This one I can do in front of the television while watching even the most scariest series.  Around another metre, and I will be done.Image

And waiting for me is three skeins ready to be wound and balled.  I have a Malabrigo lace for a hat that I am eager to start on, some sock and lace to also consider.  But I think the hat will be the first, I am eager to use the Malabrigo.

Until next time,  Happy knitting. 😉