For the past 2 weeks the winter has really settled in and the days have cooled to in the mid teens, and the nights have dropped to below zero, with a maximum of only 4 degrees during the night.

I could see my pets were enjoying the cold weather, as they got to cuddle up and sleep in the sunny spots of the house.  But the nights still got to them, and then they were overeager to share our beds.

So when I dropped in at my Local Yarn Store just before the (long) weekend for a few things, I could not resist this extra bulky colourful yarns.  One huge ball was just enough for a small pet basket. Image

It did not take long either, I was able to crochet one basket in an evening, and the other the next evening.  Now I have two very happy little pets, that enjoy the baskets very much.  I put the baskets in their favourite spots, and they curl up and snuggle.Image

What I really love about the baskets is that I can wash them any time, and they will dry in the sun and be ready for use again.

Are they spoiled, or what?