I was so happy to be able to spend a wonderful Mother’s day with my loved ones.  First I was treated to a delicious home-made breakfast at my daughters place.  This was just perfect, I especially enjoyed the lovely pot of fresh brewed tea that my daughter served.

I got stunning gifts, and was so very happy with what I got.  They know me so well!  Firstly, new slippers, as I had to throw mine out a few months back.  These are my favourites, I love the vintage look.  I can never have “too much” bath soaks and bath salts, and was pleasantly surprised to receive a very large glass jar with heavenly smelling bath soak.

And do not forget the cute card, with pretty birdies on, and the chocolates.  I love peanut butter M+M’s!  (there were more, but by the time I took the pictures, we had already eaten some)

Then we were off to the Johannesburg Zoo and the Concert at the Zoo.  We decided to walk and take the picnic basket with all the delicious food and snacks that they prepared for the day.  It was a day to remember, I just loved it.  I have not been able to get to the Zoo for some time now, and have really missed it, the tranquil atmosphere, the sounds and smells, the animals.  Oh, I was so pleased.  We walked and chatted and enjoyed the perfect autumn weather, and stopped and sat and snacked whenever we felt like it.

I took loads and loads of pictures of the animals, and some just seemed to specially come closer and stand and pose for the camera.  They were just so cute.  I loved seeing the giraffes again, as I have not yet been able to visit them after they had their “baby” some time ago.  Now the baby is no longer so small, but still so cute.  And the elephants, rhinos, and hippos.  The baby hippo was very shy, and stayed behind his Mommy all the time, but we were able to see them when they ventured out for a swim, right where we were sitting.  Wow, they are big.

And the lions, including the white lions, were basking in the sun, and so were the crocodiles.  We got to see so many monkeys, I will never remember all the names.  And the gorilla, which is just huge.  I loved the flamingos, they were pretty with their pink features, and of course, the very cute Meerkat family, with all the little babies.  The babies were out, playing in the long grasses, and we could see them rolling around.

I had the most wonderful day, and thoroughly enjoyed the day and the walk.  The weather was perfect and just right for the walks.  Thank you Ronell and Nicholas for making the day so very special.

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